‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Is Kenya Still With Tiger & Carl?

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Is Seeking Brother Husband star Kenya Stevens still with her beaus, Tiger and Carl? The premiere episode started off a little rocky with Kenya’s demands. Mainly, Tiger seemed to take issue with what his partner wanted. So, did they overcome and make it a lasting love? Or was Kenya left in the dust to rebuild her life? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband: Is Kenya Still With Tiger & Carl?

Kenya Stevens is not into polyandry as she made it clear in the premiere episode. Her lifestyle is more polyamorous. While she has been married to Carl for nearly thirty years, she also has a boyfriend, Tiger. He explained that he would like to marry her, as well. Furthermore, he is the one who shares a bedroom with Kenya nightly while Carl has his own bedroom. He admitted that he likes to be alone and have his own privacy. However, Kenya has let Tiger know that she would like to start dating more.

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Additionally, they have another bedroom that is unused. Therefore, the Seeking Brother Husband star is hopeful that can be her own room for courting men. Tiger did not seem so keen on this but it appears that Kenya is not backing down any time soon and this is the lifestyle that she wants. So, what ended up happening in the long run? Did Tiger accept what his partner wanted or did he move on? More so, where does Carl fit in when it comes to the relationship?

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According to In Touch Weekly, the couple is still seemingly happy. Kenya Stevens shared, via Instagram, why she appreciates having multiple husbands. More so, she is the CEO of the Progressive Love Academy where she teaches all about polyamory. However, Kenya did not stop there. She has also shared that her husband, Carl has a wife, Corina, as well and they are one happy poly family. So, there are a lot of factors keeping them together it is just unclear which one is the key factor.

Tiger Wants Stability

The biggest issue for Tiger was stability. He felt that he and Kenya needed to be a little more solid prior to bringing more people into the relationship. This was why the Seeking Brother Husband star told Kenya he felt marriage would be a great thing for them. However, she was not quite certain that this was something they really needed at the time. It appears that has changed as a clip in the trailer shows them all in white, presumably going to get hitched.

Are you surprised that Kenya, Tiger, and Carl have remained together? Furthermore, do you think this will be a lasting love or will they face struggles the more people Kenya brings in? Let us know and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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