‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Did Vinson Leave Kim & Dustin?

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What is going on with Seeking Brother Husband trio Kim, Vinson, and Dustin? It seems that Vinson is unsure of where he stands now with the couple. More so, he has no idea if being with Kim is right for him anymore as she is ready to pursue more men. Have they ultimately parted ways or did the throuple opt to stay together? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband Did Vinson Leave Kim & Dustin?

Kim and Dustin came together after leaving their previous relationships. She had been raised in a strict way and her ideas on marriage were extremely traditional. When that did not work, she and Dustin found each other and have been together for thirteen years. Though they are very much in love, they have made the decision that Kim will be allowed to have other men. That is where Vinson came into the picture. Initially, he was solely supposed to be there for Kim.

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However, this brotherhood formed between Vinson and Dustin and the Seeking Brother Husband stars became best friends. Plus, their children bonded extremely well so it was very seamless for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems that Vinson is starting to feel like maybe this is not for him anymore. The main reason for that is he does not know how he feels having Kim be with other men. It is one thing for her to be with him and Dustin but to add to the dynamic, he seems very uncertain.

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According to In Touch Weekly, it is unclear where Dustin and Kim currently stand with Vinson. Though the Seeking Brother Husband couple is still very happy together, Vinson is not in the picture. Apparently, Kim took to Instagram to shout out her love for Dustin. With a new hairstyle, Dustin played the guitar and sang a fun song to promote the series. Kim captioned it: “My sweet, hilarious man. 😆🎸 Hope you’ll tune in tonight!! 🥰✨🙏.”

What’s Next?

It seems that viewers will have to tune in weekly to Seeking Brother Husband to see if Vinson does eventually leave Kim. Moreover, will he be able to maintain a friendship with Dustin if he parts ways with Kim? After all, their children are involved. As for Kim’s social media, most of it is her along with motivational messages. Yet, she does address the show in one posting and shares that she had been working on it for over two years. So, a lot could have transpired between the first episode and now.

Do you think that Vinson could not handle Kim dating other men? Or do you think they are keeping this quiet as the show unravels weekly? Let us know your thoughts and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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