Trace Bates’ Wife Lydia Reveals Baby Bump Officially Popped: Pic

Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike YouTube

Former Bringing Up Bates star Trace Bates’ wife Lydia Romeike revealed to fans that her baby bump has officially popped. The first time mama shared a few snaps from her weekend outing and showed her followers that her belly is starting to show. Scroll down to see what she was up to this weekend, and check out her growing bump.

Trace Bates & Lydia Romeike Expecting First Baby

Trace and Lydia tied the knot in October 2022. Now, they’re adding a baby to their family! They already have a cat named Maui, as you can see in the photo below.

They announced the pregnancy a few weeks ago, and of course, this was a very exciting moment for the couple and their families. On YouTube, they shared videos documenting Lydia taking pregnancy tests, as well as footage of themselves announcing the news to their families. Because they’re fairly active on social media, Trace and Lydia will likely continue sharing updates along the way.

Next, fans are excited to learn the baby’s gender. It won’t be much longer until those details are public.

Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike YouTube
Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike YouTube

Baby Bump Officially Popped: Picture

On her Instagram Stories, Lydia Romeike took fans along on a date night with Trace Bates. It looks like the duo was enjoying a game of frisbee or disc golf. From the photos, it seems like a lovely evening.

In the snaps, the mom-to-be wore a pair of short denim shorts, white sneakers, and an orange shirt. As the wind blew, it pressed her shirt against her stomach, showing off a little bump. Then, she posed for a photo while cradling her bump, giving fans an even better look at how it’s growing. She said, “Baby Bates showing a little extra today.”

Bringing Up Bates - Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike Bates - Instagram
Bringing Up Bates – Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike Bates – Instagram

Hopefully, Trace Bates and Lydia Romeike will continue keeping fans updated throughout her pregnancy.

They recently filmed a Q&A session on YouTube and revealed how she’s feeling, where they stand on names, and more. You can check out the video below.

Pretty soon, they will have a gender reveal and share the exciting news with fans. The gender reveal is next weekend.

So, what do you think of Trace Bates’ wife Lydia Romeike’s first bump photo? Do you think she’s having a boy or a girl? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars.

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