‘The Kardashians’ Season 3 Premiere Date, Trailer

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The Kardashians are back for Season 3. It’s not like fans had any time to really miss them as they have been everywhere. However, a lot has happened since Season 2 wrapped. More importantly, there were some things that were not shown in Season 2 which fans really wanted to see. So, what can be expected when the hit Hulu series returns? Read on for more details.

The Kardashians Season 3 Premiere Date, Trailer

Hulu’s favorite family is back for another season. The Kardashians are returning for Season 3 and there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up. Both Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner welcomed boys last season but neither one had names. Kylie initially named her baby, who turned one last month, Wolf per Khloe’s suggestion. However, she and her now ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott realized that he did not look like a “Wolf.” She joked that maybe she would reveal her baby’s name in Season 3. Fortunately for fans, she did it a lot sooner and shared that his name is now Aire. Plus, she showed his face.

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Khloe has been a lot less forthcoming when it comes to her son with ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. As for Kourtney Kardashian, she was planning her lavish Italian wedding but the season stopped before it was shown. So, what is happening this season? Khloe openly says, from the beginning, that this will be a crazy season. Kendall says that she wants to protect her peace as Scott Disick reveals that he has never seen this much drama in his life.

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Kylie notes that they are quite influential. Therefore, she wants to know what they are doing with all of this “power.” Finally, Kim Kardashian is ready to talk about it all. It is unclear what she means by that. Will she be discussing what happened with Pete Davidson? Or will she open up about the situation with Kanye West and what it’s like to co-parent with him? Ultimately, it seems that the spotlight might be affecting everyone and not in a good way.

What Should Be Shown

This is the first trailer for Season 3 of The Kardashians so there will most likely be more to come. However, what fans probably want to see is Khloe’s son and learn what she named him. Additionally, they want to see how it all went south between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. Finally, Kourtney and Travis Barker’s wedding should be on the menu because that is something crucial. Viewers saw the proposal, their IVF process, and the duo in Italy settling details. Now, it’s time to execute.

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait that much longer for The Kardashians to return. The Season 3 premiere date is set for Thursday, May 25th, a little shy of two months away. Are you looking forward to the KarJenner fam coming back to television? What are your hopes for this season? Let us know your thoughts and don’t miss the premiere on Hulu. 

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