‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Kenya’s Shady Past Revealed

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Seeking Brother Husband finally premiered last night on TLC. The network’s latest guilty pleasure is here, featuring four couples looking to add a new husband. One central throuple in the premiere was Kenya and Carl Stevens along with Tiger who have an interesting dynamic. They have been together for a very long time but things are about to shift. However, it is Kenya’s past with Carl that is now catching even more attention. Yet, it has nothing to do with love. What happened? Read on for more details.

Seeking Brother Husband: Kenya’s Shady Past Revealed

In the Seeking Brother Husband premiere, Kenya Stevens was introduced with her husband, Carl, and partner, Tiger. However, Kenya is very interested in bringing more men into their relationship. She even shared that she wants to use their extra bedroom as her own so she can court gentlemen. It seems that there is no number that is too much for Kenya. Plus, this is not a throuple that engages in polyandry as the show implies. They are actually polyamorous so her men are allowed to date other people, as well.

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Now, according to Starcasm, Kenya has somewhat of a past that is not so kind. Apparently, in 2014, she was arrested. Why? Simple assault on her hubby, Carl. The two have been married for nearly thirty years with Kenya actually teaching love classes. She is the CEO of the Progressive Love Academy but was not showing much love. The incident between Kenya and Carl was a misdemeanor and the latter did appear to have obtained a minor injury. There was one witness but it is unclear how he knows the Stevens’.

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A mug shot of Kenya shows that she looks quite disheveled and off. In the end, despite a criminal case being filed, it was all dismissed one month to the day. During an interview, six years later, Kenya Stevens shared that she was very angry when she was monogamous. “When I was monogamous I was angry as hell,” she explained. She noted that she lacked attention, rest, and intimacy. “I was stressed out in a nuclear family,” Kenya concluded.

Dates Do Not Align

Though the Seeking Brother Husband star alleged that it was monogamy that made her mad, this might not be the case. Apparently, Kenya and Carl Stevens entered polyamory in 2005 which would have been almost a decade before her arrest. Therefore, she had time to get what she claimed that she was missing. So, is there more to the story? As viewers may have noticed, Tiger and Kenya share a bed while Carl has his own room. Hopefully, all will be revealed as the show goes on.

What do you think of Kenya and her family on Seeking Brother Husband? More so, what are your thoughts on the series so far? Let us know in the comments and watch Seeking Brother Husband Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I honestly believe if she would let go he would move on with his life. he doesn’t look happy and she appears delusional. I can see that he does not have those feelings for her any longer

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