‘Return To Amish’ Mama Mary Schmucker’s Niece Shunned, Joins Cast

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Return to Amish is about to welcome Mama Mary Schmucker’s niece to the show. She is currently living at home. However, she is on the verge of being banished for having a cell phone. Therefore, Rosanna Miller has asked Maureen Byler to scoop her up and bring her to Florida. It is time for the house to get a little more full with the addition of Fannie. Read on for more details.

Return To Amish Mama Mary Schmucker’s Niece Shunned, Joins Cast

When Rosanna Miller discovered that her cousin, Fannie Schmucker was going through a rough time, she had the best solution. She asked Maureen Byler if she would scoop her up on her way down to Florida. Apparently, Fannie was caught with a cell phone. This is a sin in the Old Order Amish community. Therefore, they told her she would be condemned to hell for what she had done. Though the Florida house is packed, Rosanna thought Fannie had an in.

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[Fannie-Credit: TLC]
Fannie is Return to Amish alum Mama Mary Schmucker’s niece and Rebecca Schmucker’s cousin. Therefore, Rosanna felt that they were keeping it all in the family. As it is, Rosanna has brought down her boyfriend Johnny Detweiler. He then invited his friend, Daniel Miller who proceeded to invite Kenneth Detweiler. There’s also Grandma Ada, Jeremiah and Carmela Raber, and Sabrina Burkholder. Plus, as aforementioned, Maureen is joining.

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[Jeremiah, Carmela-Credit: Facebook]
In a clip from TLC, Fannie is explaining how she has always been somewhat of a rebel thus she had a cell phone. Then, when she got caught with it, she knew it was all downhill from there. Fortunately, Rosanna had the bright idea to invite her away to the Florida home to spread her wings. Yet, in the preview for Return to Amish, she is seen ready to go home. Was just having a cell phone enough freedom for Fannie? Is this rumspringa going to set her over the edge? That is yet to be seen.

Real Or Fake?

There have been a lot of questions about Return to Amish as to whether or not it is real or fake. Maureen Byler was called out for actually leaving the community a few years before she even filmed Season 6. Then, newcomer Daniel Miller celebrated five years away from being Amish in 2022. He also referred to himself and Kenneth as actors so there is a lot of questioning going on. This could just be a very accurate portrayal of what it is like to leave the community. Either way, this week will bring Mama Mary’s niece and she is in trouble because of that cell phone.

Are you excited to meet a new cast member? More so, are you happy that Maureen is the one bringing her? Let us know your thoughts and watch Return to Amish Tuesdays on TLC.

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