‘OutDaughtered:’ Danielle Busby Risks It All For The ‘Gram’

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OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby and her husband Adam are no strangers to receiving backlash for their parenting choices. The TLC mother has landed in hot water after fans on Reddit reshared a video from her Instagram Stories. What did Danielle do in this video that fans are so unhappy about? Scroll down for the details.

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby risks it all for the ‘Gram

The TLC mother shared a video of herself on her Instagram Stories updating OutDaughtered fans on their current plans. She explained that Adam and the quints already took off to go camping. But, Blayke had an engagement at school before she could join the family. So, Danielle was driving with Blayke (as well as both of their dogs) to catch up with Adam and the quints for the camping trip.

Danielle Busby from OutDaughtered, TLC

The video revealed that Danielle Busby was ACTIVELY driving a vehicle while filming the Instagram Stories update with Blayke in the passenger seat of the car. Now, fans of the OutDaughtered family were pretty quick to acknowledge there were multiple safety issues with this video.

For starters, fans didn’t like that Danielle Busby was filming a video while driving. She panned the camera around the vehicle and looked directly into the camera while talking. So, fans questioned how she could also be watching the road.

Moreover, the video also reveals that Blayke Busby is sitting in the front seat. Blayke Busby is only 11 years old. And, there are some safety issues with a child that young and that small being in the front seat. Even the CDC recommends children 12 and under sit in the backseat of a vehicle as the front seat just isn’t a safe place for individuals who are on the smaller side.

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Fans call Danielle out

On Reddit, fans were pretty bothered by the video. Here’s what some of them had to say in the thread:

  • “Ffs she needs to be reported to local police for this. If she’s that vain and HAS to film a video while driving, get the child to film her. Makes my blood boil.”
  • “You’d think a mother that struggled with infertility and did ivf for all of her kids would be way more safety cautious while driving and not be on her phone with her child in the vehicle.”
  • “I agree, put the camera away & focus on the road. Teach your daughter the correct way to drive responsibly.”

Most fans pointed out that Danielle was not doing her daughter Blayke any favors by filming while driving as she was teasing her bad habits.

danielle Busby Insta - Blayke

Danielle filming an Instagram story while driving with Blayke in the passenger seat 🤦‍♂️
by u/SeekingSignificance in OutdaughteredSnarks

Do you understand why OutDaughtered fans are so upset with Danielle Busby about this video? Let us know what you think about all of this in the comments down below. And, come back to us for all your TLC reality TV news.

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