Kody Brown BUSTED Seeking Robyn’s Approval To Step Out

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Kody Brown has just been BUSTED by fans for quietly seeking Robyn’s approval before taking his next step. What was he seeking Robyn’s approval for exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Fans dive deep into Sister Wives history

With Sister Wives in an off-season, fans have nothing better to do than deep dive into the history of the family and the show. This includes rewatching previous episodes and catching things that were previously overlooked. In rewatching old episodes, one fan caught Kody Brown quietly seeking Robyn’s approval before making his next move. The fan proceeded to share the clip on Reddit and other fans wasted no time diving into it.

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COVID rules actually Robyn’s rules?

Not wanting the family to hate Robyn, Kody Brown always insisted he crafted the COVID rules. Robyn Brown was happy to jump on that ship not wanting to take the blame. Recently, some of Kody Brown’s children have come forward claiming it was actually TLC who established the COVID rules because it made filming easier.

Kody Brown - TLC - Reddit
Kody Brown – TLC – Reddit

Some fans, however, aren’t buying it looking back at previous episodes of the show. In fact, these fans fully believe it was Robyn who crafted the rules. She got Kody to hand them out to other wives as HIS rules and it was a way for her to control things.

Fans agree that any doubt Robyn Brown wasn’t the puppet master has gone out the window after taking a good listen to this clip. The video clip shows Kody Brown with Robyn on video chat as he visits Meri. Kody could be heard quietly asking Robyn if it was alright for him to get close to Meri.

Kody Brown - TLC - Reddit
Kody Brown – TLC – Reddit

Meri Brown frustratingly responded noting that she was still a part of the family. She, however, quickly shut it down and told Kody not to touch her. Fans, however, called attention to Kody clearly asking Robyn’s permission before getting close to Meri.

Yeah those rules were Kodys …. That’s why he’s asking permission from Robyn to be near meri….
by u/IllustriousEntry655 in TLCsisterwives

One frustrated fan penned: “He hadn’t seen Meri in weeks and Robyn had the gall to video call during that time.”

“I feel terrible for Meri in this video. And, you know they have been treating her like garbage long before this video was done. I hope she is enjoying her life now. The cruelty that Kody and Robyn displayed to her is over the top. One day soon i hope Kody and Robyn reap what they sowed!” Another fan chimed in.

Does it surprise you to hear Kody Brown seeking Robyn’s permission to get close to Meri? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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