Following In Christine’s Footsteps, ‘Cooking With Janelle Soon’?

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Is Janelle Brown trying to follow in Christine’s footsteps after making the decision to leave Kody? The TLC star has been posting a lot more videos and photos of things she’s been cooking and eating on Instagram lately. Fans agree this is giving off serious inspired by Christine vibes. Unfortunately, Janelle’s latest dessert was a bit of a flop as it certainly proved she was NOT Christine. Will Janelle Brown follow in Christine’s footsteps with her own cooking show?

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Christine and Janelle Brown embrace cooking after Kody?

Both Christine and Janelle Brown seemingly embraced getting into the kitchen and rolling their sleeves up after ditching Kody. Christine Brown actually became so involved in cooking that TLC gave her a spin-off series dedicated to her cooking.

Now, Janelle Brown also seems to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen now that she’s without her toxic husband Kody. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like she has the same cooking skills as her bestie Christine.

Over the weekend, Janelle Brown shared a homemade pie that she baked herself. She admitted it certainly wasn’t the prettiest pie. But, the emojis she attached suggested it still tasted alright.

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle   – Instagram

Janelle also tends to get weird in the kitchen

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Janelle Brown also tends to get a bit weird in the kitchen. Earlier this month, Janelle shared a photo of a truly unusual meal she was enjoying for breakfast. She even agreed in a caption attached to the photo that it was a weird choice.

The photo revealed Janelle had settled on having some salmon for breakfast. She paired the same with a leafy green salad and what looked like a few slices of round sausage.

Salmon for breakfast I guess. Weird, maybe. I wanted it so bad and so I cooked it (it was for dinner). I’ve been fighting a head cold for the last five days and I just can’t seem to get enough fish. Scallops, shrimp, halibut, and salmon. It must have a nutrient that I need.

Here’s the photo she shared on her Instagram Stories at the time:

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle   – Instagram

Did Janelle and Christine Brown work things out?

Now, some fans wonder if Christine and Janelle are in some sort of weird food war at the moment. After all, there have been some rumors that Janelle and Christine are NOT on good terms. These rumors claim Janelle doesn’t like Christine’s, new man. Though, there have been other reports that those rumors were simply not true.

What do you think of Janelle Brown’s cooking? Would you watch if Janelle had her own cooking show? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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