‘Bringing Up Bates’ Zade Stewart Breaks Mama Carlin Bates’ Heart

Carlin Bates - YouTube - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates star Zade Stewart is breaking his mama Carlin Bates’ heart. She shared a sentimental moment with fans, revealing what is going on with her little guy. What did he do that left her on the verge of tears? Keep reading for all of the details, and scroll down to see the sweet pictures too.

Carlin Bates documents everyday life with Layla & Zade Stewart.

Bringing Up Bates fans enjoy following Carlin, Evan, and their adorable little family on social media. On Instagram, Carlin gives fans a glimpse into her life, documenting the highs and lows of motherhood. They also have a YouTube channel where they post weekly videos, sharing clips from their latest adventures and outings.

Though Bringing Up Bates was canceled, fans are still able to see what’s going on with Carlin and Evan’s family these days. And many love the video and photo updates. Of course, fans adore the cute photos and videos of one-year-old Zade and three-year-old Layla.

Carlin Bates - YouTube - Bringing Up Bates
Carlin Bates – YouTube – Bringing Up Bates

As the weekend came to an end, Carlin Bates revealed that her one-year-old son Zade Stewart is breaking her heart.

Bringing Up Bates: Zade Stewart breaks mama Carlin Bates’ heart.

On her Instagram Stories, the former Bringing Up Bates star shared a couple of photos of her family hanging out before bed on Sunday night. Layla and Zade wore matching pajamas. In her post, Carlin said that Zade is “excited about being a big boy.”

Check out the sweet snaps below.

Carlin Bates Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Carlin Bates Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

Carlin also shared a handful of snaps after she put Zade to bed on Sunday night. Evan filmed her from the doorway of Zade’s bedroom as she rocked her baby boy and laid him in his crib. As she walked out, she had a sad look on her face. She captioned the post, “When he wakes up we will have a one year old.”

Carlin Bates Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Carlin Bates Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

On Monday, March 27, Zade officially turned one year old. Over the weekend, the family had a birthday party for him, and some of their relatives were able to make it from out of town.

Happy birthday to Zade Stewart!

So, can you relate to how Carlin Bates is feeling as Zade Stewart celebrates his first birthday? Can you believe how quickly he’s grown up? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates stars. Below, you can watch a video from Zade’s birth a year ago.

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