Amanda Bynes Unaware Of What Led To Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes Heart Tattoo [Source: Amanda Bynes - Instagram]

Amanda Bynes is unaware of what led to her psychiatric hold. Last week, she ended up at the hospital after she was seen roaming the streets of Los Angeles. At the time, the former child star was aware of her mental breakdown and was able to get help from a nearby stranger. However, she’s not sure what led up to that moment. Keep on reading to learn more details.

Amanda Bynes psychiatric hold update

On Sunday, March 26, TMZ shared an update on Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold. She has extended her stay at the hospital. The actress will stay for another week or more. Amanda has no idea what led up to her stay.

She’s also not communicating with anyone — including her parents. Amanda hasn’t spoken to anyone close to her. She’s unclear about what happened to her before her hospitalization. TMZ first broke the news on Sunday, March 19 that she was placed under a psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes Drives [Source: Amanda Bynes - Twitter]
[Source: Amanda Bynes – Twitter]
At the time, Amanda Bynes flagged down an oncoming vehicle. She told the driver that she was having a psychotic episode. The retired actress called 911 where she was then transported to a nearby police station. The mental health team determined that Amanda will need to be placed on psychiatric hold at the hospital.

Eyewitnesses spoke to ET Online about the incident. Amanda walked around the streets of Los Angeles at 1 a.m. on Saturday. No one recognized her at the time. Amanda was all by herself when she suffered a psychotic breakdown. She asked a woman “to hold her” during that scary moment.

Amanda Byne Wears White Beanie & Denim Shirt [Source: Amanda Bynes - Instagram]
[Source: Amanda Bynes – Instagram]
Thankfully, the She’s the Man star wasn’t harmed. Amanda was “in a loving, wholesome mood.” However, it appeared that the former Hollywood star “was out of it.” She revealed that her “boyfriend kicked her out” of their house. That’s when she roamed the streets and asked the woman to drop her off around Hollywood Boulevard.

Former Nickelodeon star’s conservatorship

Before the psychotic break, Amanda Bynes was under a conservatorship in August 2013. Her mother, Lynn Bynes, had control over Amanda’s mental health and finances. She terminated the conservatorship in 2022. Lynn “provided facts that the conservatorship is no longer needed” to the Los Angeles court.

Amanda Bynes Wears White Sweatshirt [Source: Amanda Bynes - Instagram]
[Source: Amanda Bynes – Instagram]
Amanda Bynes’ parents continued to support her. Unfortunately, the Easy A star is still going through a difficult time. The conservatorship took place amid her legal issues and an involuntary psychiatric hold. It’s a good sign that Amanda was aware that she needed help when she suffered another psychotic break.

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