These ‘Survivor’ Seasons Need A Sequel

survivor winners at war family reunion episode
Nick Davis

Throughout more than 20 years of Survivor, there have been dozens of different season themes and concepts. Ideas that put players in different situations, dealing with various twists that change the game. Something as simple as a change in setting can make the outcome of s season very different. This most recent era of Survivor is essentially without any of the themes or settings of the past. Yet, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before these things return. So here are a couple of seasons from the past that should get sequels.

Winners At War 2

Survivor: Winners At War felt like the culmination of every predecessor season. 20 winners, 20 of the greatest players in the game’s history, competing to see who’s truly on top. it’s only natural for fans to want a sequel to that.

survivor winners at war logo
The logo for ‘Survivor: Winners At War’

Especially since there were a number of fantastic winners that didn’t wind up making it into Season 40. Players like Earl from Fiji, Todd from China, and Jenna from The Amazon. Plus there are a number of new winners now from the more recent seasons like Erika, Maryanne, and Gabler. It would be great to see the winners who didn’t get to compete for the crown before come back to all battle it out against each other.

Besides, Jeff Probst will always jump at an opportunity to put Sandra, Parvati, and Boston Rob back into the game.

Survivor: Africa 2

The locations of Survivor have been stagnant for some time now. It makes sense, logistically. The production team has a deal with Fiji that makes it cheap and easy to film there. Whereas constantly scouting new locations and ensuring their safety is difficult, time-consuming, and likely expensive.

survivor africa logo and cast
The logo and cast of ‘Survivor: Africa’

Still, there’s a definite nostalgia for a time in the show when every season meant different, exotic backdrops. Africa is a continent the show only ever came to a couple of times. Yet, each time, the location made for a fascinating look into surviving in a place with so much hostile nature. However, just in general, it made for some pretty wild seasons.

It would be great to see the show return to the continent once again. Thus far, they’ve only been to two countries in Africa, Kenya and Gabon. With the success of the international version of the show Survivor South Africa it would be interesting to see them make it there. There are a number of other countries, like Tanzania and Morocco, that would all make fascinating locations for a season of the show.

What season would you like to see a sequel for in the future of Survivor?

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