Paige VanZant Kneels In Gold Birthday Bikini

Paige Van Zant

Paige VanZant is sizzling as she brings bikini energy and celebrates her birthday.

The former UFC star was quick to mark her special day on Instagram ahead of the weekend, and she even posed on her knees while delighting her fans. Paige is followed by over 3 million on the platform. The bare-knuckle boxer might wear spandex in the ring, but it was bikini game strong as she thrilled her loyal fanbase and stripped down to a gold bikini. Fans have left Paige over 80,000 likes.

Birthday Girl In Gold Bikini

All curves and muscles, Paige VanZant posed poolside and in the sun. Smiling confidently, she flaunted her chiseled abs and gym-honed legs while rocking a skimpy and metallic gold bikini. The halter two-piece wasn’t a million miles off the SKIMS looks that mogul Kim Kardashian retails.

Paige topped up her tan on the poolside terrace, posing on her knees in her opening slide and placing one hand on her bikini briefs. She used the other to hold her blonde hair, worn in a ponytail. Fans know when to swipe with Paige VanZant. The swimwear queen returned for another shot while on all fours, here further drawing attention to her chest. “From now until my birthday, March 26th, my fan site is free. Happy birthday to me, and you,” she wrote.


Running Her Own Exclusive Site

Paige has two Instagram accounts. Her main one is backed up by an “exclusive” one. The latter is dedicated to promoting the star’s OnlyFans page, where content is even spicier. Also on the adult platform are celebrities including rapper Cardi B, model Jordyn Woods, and reality star Larsa Pippen.

Told To Put More Clothes On

The birthday post largely brought in love, but some users seemed to shade Paige. Mentioning the star’s husband, Austin Vanderford, was one fan. “Only way to bring in money these days. Neither you or Austin can make it in the ring so might as well take off your clothes,” they wrote.

Backing Paige VanZant up, however, was a fan claiming that the comment had been left by someone who likely paid attention to the sexy snaps. “The reason you clicked on the picture after zooming in and taking a screenshot was to throw out an insult. Come on bro, hate sucks man,” they said.

Paige VanZant
Paige VanZant/Instagram

Topless Photos Attracting Comments

Shortly before her birthday bikini share, Paige posed topless and in only black briefs while throwing up her arms and standing on the seats of a vintage car. “Wild hearts can’t be tamed,” she wrote. Throwing hate was a fan who said: “Wild hearts can’t be tamed…but apparently they can be bought through onlyfans.”

Paige VanZant is seemingly having the last laugh, though. She got way more love than hate for that gold bikini post. What do you think of her style? Do you love it or are you not a fan? Let us know in the comments below.

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