‘Love Is Blind’ Kwame Appiah Responds To Fan Backlash

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Kwame Appiah was one of the standouts from Love is Blind Season 4 of Netflix. He ended up in a messy love triangle with Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin, and that rubbed fans the wrong way.

After seeing a lot of hate sent his way on social media, Kwame has reacted to the negativity, and here is what you need to know.

Kwame reacts to fan hate after Love is Blind stint

Kwame Appiah was on Love is Blind and thanks to his love triangle with Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin, he is hearing about it online. This isn’t just people commenting on the show on their own posts, though. There are people who have chosen to send him messages full of hate and spite.

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Kwame took to his own Instagram account to post a video and let fans know what has happened. He said in the video that people are entitled to their opinions about the show. However, he said that he has gotten multiple messages, including one where he was called the N-word by someone in a message. He said that “things like this are inhuman, and we’ve gotta do better.”

Kwame also added that it could be an issue with him. However, he said it was also an issue with the fans sending these hateful messages. Kwame went on to say that fans only see a little bit of his life and who he is on the reality TV show and judge him on those small moments.

Kwame, who is from Ghana, said he would take a social media break after all the online hate after the first five episodes of Love is Blind dropped on Netflix.

What happened to Kwame after Love is Blind?

There have only been five episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix so far for this season. However, there is more coming, with the episodes hitting each Friday from now on until the season ends. For those unfamiliar with the show, Love is Blind takes 30 singles and placed them in pods where they get to know each other. There is one twist. They can’t see each other. This means they only have their personalities to win over the person they are talking to. It is the true test of whether love is blind or if it really is all depending on physical attraction.

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What is impressive is that there are four marriages that came out of the show, proving that love might be blind. There is a chance that Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin could be number five. Kwame is a 33-year-old sales development manager and Chelsea is a 31-year-old speech-language pathologist.

While Kwame also showed interest in Micah, Chelsea clearly had her mind set on him. When they finally met in person, the chemistry was still there and they stuck together. When they took a trip to Mexico, it looked like they were getting serious. While fans might have been all over Kwame, he might have found his true love.

Does Kwame deserve the hate he is seeing online from Love is Blind fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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