Lindsie Chrisley Removes Clothes, Flaunts Chest In Tiny Tank Top

Lindsie Chrisley [Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram Stories]

Lindsie Chrisley is no stranger to putting her body on display on Instagram. Once again, she has done just that. However, this time, it was quite a bit more subtle. Did you catch her change on her Instagram stories?

Lindsie Chrisley puffs up on IG

Fans can always count on Lindsie Chrisley to provide cute content with her child, however, she is also known to post some cheekier looks on her story. This time, Lindsie started off pretty covered up, however, quickly switched up the tone of her photos.

Lindsie Chrisley [Dr. Phil | YouTube]
[Dr. Phil | YouTube]
Originally, Lindsie posted a story where she is totally covered. This means fans basically can’t even see an inch of skin. On top, she’s wearing a full sherpa quarter zip. While she has the zipper undone, it’s not showing off much. She pairs the sweater with a beanie that hides the top of her golden-blonde hair. The story seems to be all about the makeup she’s wearing right now, and, more specifically, the lipstick she is wearing.

Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram

However, just one hour later, things get a bit steamier on Lindsie’s story. It seems that in the new post, she is showing off quite a bit more cleavage. In fact, Lindsie swapped her big, oversized fur sweater for a dainty tank. She also changed her camera angle quite a bit, giving fans a straight shot down her shirt.

Of course, her large bust makes the rest of her body look tinier than ever. Her blue eyes are bright and her lips are plump as she poses for the selfie.

Lindsie Chrisley | Instagram

Otherwise, the two photos are identical. In the caption of this post, she’s still talking about her favorite makeup. This time, it’s her favorite blush and glow tape duo.

“This is the glow tape and blush tape,” she starts. “I love it so much, it blends so much better in my opinion versus powder.”

Of course, she finishes the caption with a discount code so that her followers can wear all the same products as her at a discount.

It will be interesting to see if Lindsie continues posting cheeky photos on her Instagram story for her fans.

Do you follow Lindsie Chrisley on Instagram? What do you think of her cheeky posts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite reality TV stars and Instagram models!

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