Kyle Chrisley Could See More Time Behind Bars Than Daddy?

Kyle & Todd Chrisley [Kyle Chrisley | Instagram]

As more details on Kyle Chrisley’s arrest comes out, it appears as if he could see more time behind bars than his daddy. What did he get arrested for exactly and how much time is he facing? Scroll down for a recap of the arrest and the most current information available.

Why was Kyle Chrisley recently arrested?

It was on March 13th that Kyle Chrisley got arrested on a worksite in Smyrna, Tennessee. Kyle Chrisley reportedly pulled out a fixed-blade knife and threatened his supervisor’s life after getting in a fight with him.

He appeared in court the following day. He faces a charge of aggravated assault. Afterward, he posted a $3,000 bond and was released from the Rutherford County Detention Center.

Kyle Chrisley - Mugshot
Smyrna Police Department

His arrest came as a bit of a shock to Chrisley Knows Best fans as it followed just two months behind his father Todd and his stepmother, Julie, surrendering and starting their own 12 and 7 year sentences.

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Kyle Chrisley’s mugshot was released to the public. With an unhappy beady-eyed stare, Kyle Chrisley had short hair and a bushy mountain man style beard.

Chrisley Knows Best fans were a bit upset that Todd and Julie’s mugshots have not also been made public. That, however, reportedly violates a federal prison policy.

Todd Julie Chrisley YouTube
Todd Julie Chrisley YouTube

He could see more time than daddy behind bars

Kyle Chrisley was slated to return to the Smyrna Justice Center to appear before a judge on March 20th. He was expected to get convicted for his felony assault charge which is considered a Class C felony. If convicted, he could be slapped with as many 15 years behind bars (maximum sentence). The details of what happened during his court hearing on March 20th have NOT been made public yet.

The victim of Kyle Chrisley’s assault (Deven Campbell), told police that Kyle “assaulted him by striking him multiple times in the face and upper body.”

The report continues: “The victim stated that the defendant also displayed a fixed blade knife and threatened to kill/stab him.”

Chrisley Knows Best fans discuss Kyle’s potential sentence

On Reddit, one fan pointed out that Kyle was facing assault charges by the state. Moreover, 15 years was the maximum sentence. So, it was unlikely that Kyle would end up doing more than half of that behind bars if he landed behind bars at all. Fans also questioned if Kyle would get the same love behind bars as his father and mother. Fans, however, suspect not because Kyle is considered the outcast of the family.

Kyle Chrisley Nanny Faye Instagram
Kyle Chrisley Nanny Faye Instagram

How much time do you think Kyle Chrisley will get behind bars? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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