Kim Kardashian Grooming North Into Her Mini-Me?

Kim Kardashian & North West In Bed [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]

Fans think Kim Kardashian is grooming North West into her own mini-me. They’re disgusted by her next move. The 42-year-old previously said that she lets her nine-year-old be herself. However, it appears that she’s molding North to become the next Kim. Keep on reading to see why.

Kim Kardashian & North West file trademarks

According to a new report, Kim Kardashian and North West are gearing up to release their own skincare and toy lines. The SKIMS founder filed four trademarks for her daughter. Kim wants North to enter her footsteps into the business world. The U.S. Sun was the first to report about their future endeavors.

North is the oldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Up to this moment, North has been her own person who has her own interests and tastes. Kim talked about how North would enjoy wearing head-to-toe black. It seemed like she was embracing her punk-rock and Goth era. However, some fans think Kim is trying to get her daughter to be just like her.

Kim Kardashian & North West [Source: Kim Kardashian - Instagram]
[Source: Kim Kardashian – Instagram]
Keep in mind though that North is still just a kid. She’s someone who enjoys baking with her cousins and playing basketball at school. While Kim wants the best for all of her kids, she’s already thinking of what they should do next with their lives. She filed four trademarks for North and her three other kids — Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 3. The first trademark is for a wide range of items, including skincare products and makeup.

The second trademark is for North to have her own toy line. It’s unclear whether she will have her own action figure, but the concept is included in the trademark. The third trademark is focused on advertising and marketing. The fourth one is for entertainment services. Kim hasn’t shared what plans she already has in mind for North.

Becoming her mini-me?

Fans are distraught over this news. They wish Kim Kardashian would let North be just a kid during this time. Others are convinced that she’s turning her into her mini-me. One fan took to Reddit to share this news.

  • “Who is gonna buy skincare products from a 10 year old that donā€™t even sound right. šŸ˜­”
  • “Ew omg they are relentless.”
  • “The cycle continues.”
  • “Kim is just like Kris. Maybe Kanye was right to fear for North and Chicago.”
  • “This is so disgusting. The poor kid is 9.”
  • “Let her be a kid for god’s sake.”

One fan accused Kim Kardashian of grooming North “into becoming ‘the next Kim.'” Others said that the family isĀ  “exploitative” when it comes to their children. What are your thoughts? Do you think Kim is grooming North into becoming her mini-me? Do you think North should be her own person? Sound off below in the comment section.

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