Kelly Clarkson Announces New Album Called ‘Chemistry’

Kelly Clarkson singing.

The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson has some big news for her fans. The country singer turned daytime talk show host has a new album coming out. This album is titled Chemistry and the singer said there will be new music coming very soon.

Here is everything we know about the new album.

Kelly Clarkson announces new album Chemistry

Kelly Clarkson took off last season of The Voice and many fans wondered why. While the main reason was to spend more time with her kids, there was another added bonus to her taking time out of her busy schedule. It looks like it resulted in some new music.

Kelly Clarkson released a new video on Twitter where she officially announced her 10th studio album called Chemistry. While she had a Kellyoke album come out recently, this will actually be Kelly’s first studio album since 2017’s Meaning of Life, a six-year gap between new music.

Kelly Clarkson on her talk show.

While it seems like good timing that the album announcement came out after her one-season break from The Voice, Clarkson said she has been working on the music for three years now. She also said she was nervous but also excited about the new music.

Clarkson said that she named the album Chemistry because it is one of the songs on the album and describes the entire project. “This album is definitely the arc of an entire relationship. A whole relationship shouldn’t be brought down to just one thing. So there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly kinda thing going on it,” she said.

That means one thing. This is the album that Kelly Clarkson has been teasing for over a year now that will deal with songs she wrote during her painful breakup and divorce. She admitted in the video that chemistry can be “amazing, sexy, cool” but it can also be “bad for you.”

When will the new Kelly Clarkson album come out?

One thing that Kelly Clarkson didn’t mention was when her new album would come out. She had no release date, but she did say that it will come out “soon.” She also said that there will be new music “even sooner.” On top of that, she added that she means “really soon.”

As mentioned, this is Kelly Clarkson’s first studio album of originals since 2017. That was the year she released Meaning of Life, which ended up certified gold. However, she did have a Christmas album she released in 2021 (two of her nine studio releases are Christmas albums).

Since Kelly started making music in 2003, she has only released those nine albums in 20 years. To explain this, she chose to stop making music for a period as she fought American Idol to receive the rights back to her career. This happened after the 2015 album Piece by Piece.

Meaning of Life was the first album Kelly made on her own while Chemistry will be the second.

Are you excited about the new Kelly Clarkson album? What kind of songs are you hoping to hear on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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