Kanye West Claims Jonah Hill Made Him ‘Like Jewish People Again’

kanye west and jonah hill
Nick Davis

A recent post from Kanye West says the artist likes Jewish people again thanks to a movie starring Jonah Hill.

The latter half of 2022 brought about the most irredeemable arc for rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. Many die-hard fans initially tried to rush to his defense among many of his early anti-Jewish comments. Ultimately, his interview with notorious school shooting denier, Alex Jones was where many drew the line. Ye spelled out fairly plainly his views with six words: “I see good things about Hitler.” He lost brand deals and virtually every celebrity and professional connection he built over 20 years in the industry.

Yet, his most recent Instagram post after some time away from the spotlight says that the anti-semitic era is over. However, the reason it’s over is fairly strange.

End Of An Anti-Semitic Era?

The post, currently Kanye’s only Instagram post, says watching Jonah Hill in the comedy film 21 Jump Street made him like Jewish people again. The idea of bigotry being resolved thanks to the same film that birthed the “My name Jeff” meme is hilarious. It’s the type of strange hilarity that is the expectation when following Kanye on social media nowadays. At the same time, it’s unlikely to be enough in the eyes of most onlookers.

kanye west jonah hill 21 jump street post
Kanye West’s Instagram post about Jonah Hill and ’21 Jump Street’

An endorsement of Adolf Hitler and Holocaust denial is a can of worms that can’t just be thrown away once it’s open. Kanye West has always been a polarizing figure. Yet, political views and outrageous statements about celebrities aren’t the same as promoting genocide. One is much more difficult to look past than the other. It may be too late for apologies from West.

Jonah Hill & Kanye West

In the past, Jonah Hill has been vocal about his admiration for the music of Kanye West. His directorial debut, mid90s, utilizes the sample of a Hungarian track that Kanye also samples in his song New Slaves. Jonah also attended the listening party for the 2018 album Ye. He described going out to Kanye’s rural ranch to hear the album for the first time “like if someone got to hear Thriller in the middle of Wyoming.”

Kanye West [Source: YouTube]
Source: YouTube
So Jonah is clearly a superfan of Kanye’s music. However, like the vast majority of celebrities, Hill has been silent about Kanye West since his intolerant views began to surface. He may respond to Ye’s love for his 2012 film at some point. Or he may choose to leave this strange media coverage, and his previous admiration for the rapper, in the past.

Do you think that Kanye West should be forgiven for his wrongdoings or is it completely unforgivable? What else can he do to redeem himself? Let us know in the comments below.

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