Kailyn Lowry Secretly Loathes Co-Host Lindsie Chrisley?

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Is Kailyn Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley’s friendship all an act? There is a rumor making rounds that the Teen Mom star doesn’t care for Lindsie Chrisley as much as everyone thinks she does. Are these two not really friends? Does Kailyn fake a friendship for the purpose of her podcast? Where did this rumor come from?

Kailyn Lowry secretly loathes Lindsie Chrisley?

There was a screenshot shared on one of the Chrisley Knows Best forums claiming that Kailyn Lowry secretly hates Lindsie Chrisley. This information comes as a bit of a shock as everyone knows Kailyn and Lindsie host a podcast together that drops new episodes each week.

Now, there wasn’t really any context on where this rumor came from (though it appears to have originated from an Instagram post). This, however, didn’t stop fans from diving into it as they racked up more than 50 comments talking about it.

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In response to the rumor, fans agree they wouldn’t really blame Kailyn Lowry for not liking Lindsie. One fan noted: “I wouldn’t blame her, Lindsie in intolerable and the way she thinks she’s cute for being judgemental.”

Another chimed in: “Lindsie loves to talk about herself even when the topic isn’t about her, she somehow turns it into being about herself & how great she is. She’s intolerable.”

Other fans point out that it isn’t uncommon for Lindsie to rudely cut Kailyn off while she’s speaking during episodes of the podcast.

“She is always cutting kail off or asks her a question, kail starts answering and Lindsie brings it right back to about her.”

Lindsie Chrisley & Kailyn Lowry Promise Their Fans A Sh*t Show [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Fans argue they are both awful women

Now, there are some fans who argue that Kailyn isn’t exactly a “better person.” Many fans chimed in to clarify that they didn’t care for Kailyn Lowry and considered her to be an equally awful person. Fans went on to note that Kailyn also has the nasty habit of treating people poorly. Some fans, however, admitted they liked Kailyn Lowry slightly more than they liked Lindsie

Most jumping into the chatter agreed they wouldn’t mind seeing Kailyn Lowry drop Lindsie Chrisley for a new co-host. Though, they suspect Kailyn hooked up with Lindsie so she could piggyback off of the following attached to Lindsie’s family. As Teen Mom and Chrisley Knows Best are on two different networks.

Kail secretly hates Lindsie Chrisley!?! What are yall thoughts on this one?
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Some fans questioned whether Lindsie has any real friends at all because she never really posts anything about them. Fans are comparing this to her sister Savannah and brother Chase who often hang out with friends.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry secretly hates Lindsie Chrisley? Let us know down below.


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