Josh Duggar Trashes & Disrespects His Wife Anna Behind Bars

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Josh Duggar reportedly has zero respect for his wife and the mother of his children, Anna. Unfortunately, it has been reported that he continuously trashes and disrespects his wife when he’s talking to fellow inmates about her. He reportedly never has kind things to say about her. Sadly, recounts of life behind bars with Josh sound as if he’s not exactly rushing home to be with his wife, Anna.

Josh Duggar reportedly trashes and disrespects wife constantly

According to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, several of her sources claim that Josh Duggar is constantly trashing and disrespecting his wife, Anna. Her sources claim that even when speaking to Anna directly on the phone he doesn’t so in a very loving manner.

Katie Joy reports:

The source alleged that Josh is developing a reputation of being condescending and snarky toward his wife and seems to not show her any respect. Despite the way Josh allegedly treats her, Anna apparently hangs on and believes her man is 100% innocent.

In a separate report, her source claims that Josh repeatedly treats his wife like trash and she willingly accepts the treatment.

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She knew he had the cell phone

Anna Duggar reportedly had nothing to do with Josh obtaining the phone because his family couldn’t afford it. But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t know he had it. In fact, it has been confirmed that Josh did speak to his wife on the phone. And, he did order her to keep her mouth closed regarding it.

Anna Duggar’s willingness to go along with her husband having a phone he shouldn’t have doesn’t sit well with fans. Fans suspect that when Josh isn’t behind bars anymore, he will likely try to find a way to violate certain portions of his probation. And, fans suspect that Anna will stand by him and watch while he does it.

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As Tv Shows Ace reported, Josh seemingly doesn’t have much respect for women in his life in general as he has also openly bragged about controlling his mother despite her being unhappy with him for his crimes because she “raised him better.” He allegedly brags to fellow inmates that she still hooks him up with money despite being mad at him.

Does it surprise you to learn Josh Duggar allegedly says horrible things about his wife Anna behind bars? Why do you think she stays with him knowing this information? Share your thoughts in the comments at the bottom of the article. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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  1. O, she’s either in serious need of counseling or there is something in this for her. HE is a disgusting representation of a man. Hopefully, he will not have the chance to be a role model for his child.

    1. It easy for us to say what she should do or not do. When your with a man that play these game . It take years for a man to lay the ground work to have full control of a woman. In his mind it her doing that he has to treat her this way. He the head of the house and his word is law. He a user and a person with low self worth and self esteem. He think he smarter than other and it ok form him to do what he want no madder who get hurt. He use and put people down thinking it make him better than other. The thing he not learn no madder how hard he try to make some one down will only make him feel bad about himself. So it keep going on. His wife needed help to grow and hope the church will step in and help her. Not keep quite about what he dose is all right. There young kids here. The girl learn that this is how I should be in marriage is and what To take. And the boys this is ok to be this kind of a man in a marriage. He my kind when he out his wife down the kids done hear. Well they hear and this hurt them a lot. This is from a kid that live this life and work on myself to see the pain I live through.

      1. I can barely get through this comment with all the spelling and grammar mistakes! Was this written by a second grader?

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