Josh Duggar Brags: Controlling Mother Michelle Behind Bars?

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Josh Duggar reportedly brags about his control over his mother Michelle behind bars to anyone who will listen.

Josh Duggar reportedly has no money

Josh and his wife Anna Duggar are allegedly not in a good place as far as finances are concerned. Per Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ballthere were initially rumors flying that it was Anna Duggar who purchased the phone Josh used behind bars. The way the process works is the guards sell cell phones for prices that usually run between $2000-$3000. For many of the millionaires behind bars at Seagoville, this price tag means nothing. But, sources close to Anna and Josh’s family claim they just don’t have the funds to afford that kind of purchase.

If they did, it is believed that a family member outside of the prison transfers the funds to the guard(s) that sell the phones and then the guard secretly supplies the inmate with the phone. Now, because Josh and Anna are believed to be in a rough situation financially, it has been speculated that Josh actually rented the phone from an inmate for a much cheaper price than buying it from a guard.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Anna Duggar, Instagram

Now, Anna and Josh Duggar not having money isn’t something too hard for fans of this disgraced reality TV family to believe. After all, Anna is believed to be living under the same roof as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar right now. With seven kids and her husband behind bars, fans assume this is the only way she could manage or afford the children.

Despite knowing his mother Michelle isn’t happy with his situation and is doing what she can to help Anna take care of his children/her grandchildren, it doesn’t stop Josh from ragging on his mother behind bars.

Brags he has control over her

Per Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball’s sources, Josh Duggar openly brags about the control he has over his mother Michelle (he refers to her as Shelly). Josh has reportedly admitted that his mother has told him she is unhappy with him because she raised him to be better. He, however, brags that despite being unhappy and ashamed, she still sends him commissary money.

As far as fans know, neither Jim Bob nor Michelle has been to visit Josh since he got locked up. Jim Bob reportedly writes his son more letters than anyone else. And, the couple funds his commissary for him because his wife Anna doesn’t have the funds to do so.

Josh Duggar Mugshot
Josh Duggar Mugshot

Are you surprised Josh Duggar would talk so poorly of his mother behind bars? Why do you think she still sends him money? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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  1. Cream of the crop POS jim boob jr. I do think that the grandpa and jim bob, influenced the nasty side of Josh. And probably treat women as objects. Including mama Shelly. That is disgusting way of treating your mom. Real B–H–. Jer- k.

  2. I think anybody that believes a word that Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball has to say, must have a few screws loose. She is a known and proven, habitual liar with no real “sOuRcE”

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