How Did Josh Duggar Gain Access To A Cell Phone Behind Bars?

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Understandably, the outside world was disgusted to learn Josh Duggar had gained access to a phone. Considering what Josh was locked up for, gaining access to a cell phone presented an easy opportunity for him to commit further crimes.

The real question the outside world has, however, is simple: How exactly did Josh Duggar gain access to a cell phone behind bars? Turns out, it is surprisingly easy for Seagoville to get a cell phone. This is especially true if they have the cash to spare.

How does obtaining a cell phone behind bars work?

Now, per chatter on multiple social media platforms, there are tons of crooked guards at Seagoville (as well as all other federal prisons). Some of these crooked guards look for easy opportunities to make money off of inmates as there are a lot of inmates behind bars at federal prisons that have serious bread. Turns out, one way these crooked guards make money is through selling cell phones.


Typically, purchasing a cell phone costs a few thousand dollars. Obviously, the inmates behind bars don’t have that kind of money on them. Nor do they have an easy way to give that kind of money to the guard.

So, getting a cell phone behind bars does require the inmate to have someone outside of the prison who is willing to help. Typically, a friend or family member outside of the prison will transfer the payment to the guard via apps like Venmo or Zelle. Then, the guard supplies the inmate with the phone.

Now, this process wouldn’t exactly work for Josh Duggar as it is believed that he and his wife Anna don’t really have money. And, she’s reportedly living with his parents right now. So, the question remains. How did Josh Duggar get the phone?

Josh Duggar mugshot (Washington County Sheriff's Office)
Josh Duggar mugshot (Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

So, how did Josh Duggar get the phone?

Sources speaking to Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball allege that the next option behind bars is to rent a phone from an inmate. It is believed that this is the cheaper alternative that Josh used.

Shockingly, it is believed that Josh Duggar’s wife knew he had a phone and did nothing about it. In fact, Josh allegedly told his wife Anna to keep her mouth shut about the phone and she did just that.

Josh Duggar Twitter
Josh Duggar Twitter

Do you think Anna Duggar should get in trouble for knowing her husband had a phone and doing nothing about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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