Harry Styles Caught Kissing Emily Ratajkowski

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Harry Styles has been on tour for quite some time now. However, that doesn’t mean that things aren’t still exciting for the British pop star. This time, Harry was caught kissing Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo. Keep reading for everything we know so far.

Harry Styles caught kissing

Generally, Harry Styles is known for being onstage most nights entertaining fans at Love on Tour. However, not many know too much about his dating life, especially after his recent breakup.

The singer was known for dating Olvia Wilde for quite some time. In fact, he even starred in one of her movies, Don’t Worry Darling. However, despite their hot and heavy romance, the couple called it quits back in November of 2022. Since then, Harry has been pretty quiet about his dating life leaving fans scratching their heads.

Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles | Youtube

However, recently, it’s been reported that Harry is dating someone new. That woman has been a mystery to fans though. After a PDA-packed night, it’s now clear that Harry is currently dating Emily Ratajkowski. Apparently, the pair were spotted at a nightclub where they danced the night away together.

TMZ reports that after their night out, they were seen together in a parking lot, very clearly making out. The news outlet even shares a few photos that shows the pair together with their mouths very intertwined.

Wasn’t she dating Pete Davidson?

Apparently, Emily was single before getting together with Harry Styles despite the fact that many thought she was dating Pete Davidson after his split from Kim Kardashian. Reports say that Emily and Pete dated for just two months before breaking up in December of 2022.

“Em is single and totally happy,” a source said about Emily at the time. “She will always prioritize her son, but enjoys dating when she has time. She enjoys her independence,” the source says. They continue by saying “she doesn’t have plans to see Pete again. She had fun with him, but she realized she didn’t want it to become anything else. She likes her life as it is.”

Of course, despite liking her life as it is, it seems that she moved on pretty quickly to Harry Styles. Since their split, there has actually been a couple of different times that Emily has been spotted out with other men.

Emily Ratajkowski [CBS Mornings | YouTube]

It will be interesting to see if her relationship with Harry Styles sticks or if she will move on once again.

Do you think Harry Styles and Emily make sense together? Or are they just rebounds for each other? Let us know what you think in the comments. Come back to TV Shows Ace for updates on all of your favorite celebrities.

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