Gabby Windey Shares Adorable Q&A With Grandpa John

Gabby Windey, YouTube

Gabby Windey, of The Bachelorette, has an adorable grandpa that fans can’t get enough of. As many know, Gabby has been having the time of her life since her turn as The Bachelorette. Not only did she get to share the lead with her friend Rachel Recchia, but she also got to be on Dancing with the Stars. While she didn’t find love on The Bachelor with Clayton Echard or with her winner on The Bachelorette, she found a million followers who love her on Instagram.

As for her grandfather, Gabby was happy to give the people what they wanted on Instagram when it came to grandpa John. Gabby said, while her grandpa doesn’t have social media because he’s too busy at bridge, she shared a Q&A for fans to enjoy. His answers didn’t disappoint, read on to see what he had to say.

How Long Were Gabby Windey’s Grandparents Married?

A fan asked how long he was married to Gabby’s grandma. He said, “from 1994 until she died in 2019.” John would love to travel anywhere as he just loves to travel. If he went back in time and had the chance to change something, he doesn’t know what he would change. Luckily, he doesn’t have any regrets. One fan said, “This warmed my heart this morning ♥️ thanks Grandpa John!” A lot of the comments on her post called him, “America’s grandpa.”

Instagram, Gabby Windey's Grandpa
Instagram, Gabby Windey’s Grandpa

One of the questions, was what was your favorite job? He said he liked them all. Some of them included being in the Air Force and being a paper boy. Grandpa John showed off his sense of humor when asked what he’d do when Gabby Windey gets a new boyfriend. He said he’d, “beat the s*** out of him.” Clearly, he didn’t love what happened with her winner Eric Schwer. The two were engaged at the end of her season, but it didn’t work out when they emerged into the real world.

One Fan Thinks He Is The Future Of Reality Television

Gabby Windey got a lot of comments on her post with fans saying to protect John, “at all costs.” One fan thought he’d do well in reality television. There have been rumors that a dating-for-seniors show is going to come out. One of the comments said, “he really needs to be the lead in the senior edition of Bachelor!”

Gabby Windey, YouTube
Gabby Windey, YouTube

A lot of opinions John had are refreshing and make it easy to see why fans love him so much. How do you feel about John’s chances of being the first senior Bachelor lead? More so, are you happy that Gabby did a Q&A with him for the fans? Read more about Gabby Windey’s time on Dancing With The Stars here. Finally, read about the current season of The Bachelor here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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