Anna Duggar Helped Husband Josh Break The Rules?

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Turns out, Anna Duggar is standing strong with her man Josh even if that means helping him break the rules while he’s behind bars. As fans know, Josh Duggar is currently tucked away behind bars at Seagoville. Presently, he’s slated for release on October 2, 2032. His release date was originally in August. But, it got pushed back when he got busted for having a phone behind bars. As a result of this, he was also tossed into the SHU for 75 days. He, however, ended up getting released early because the prison has an overcrowding problem.

Now, TV Shows Ace already reported how it is believed that Josh came to possess a phone behind bars. Strapped for cash, he wasn’t able to go through the usual channels. But, for a cheaper price, he managed to rent a phone from a fellow inmate.

Through alleged sources with connections also living in the same prison, it has been confirmed that Josh Duggr’s wife was well aware of the fact that he had a phone. And, she elected to do nothing about it.

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Anna Duggar willingly helped her husband Josh?

Now, there isn’t clear information on how exactly Josh paid for the rented phone. But, sources have confirmed that Josh did talk to his wife on the phone he was renting. So, this means she was well aware of the fact that he had the phone. Sources claim that Josh reportedly ordered his wife to “keep her mouth shut” about the phone because he wasn’t supposed to have it and could get in big trouble.

Despite the horrible crimes he’s behind bars for, Anna’s faith remains strong and she continued to stand by her husband. So, she seemingly obeyed Josh and kept her mouth shut about the phone he had. It is unclear how Josh got busted with the phone. Though, it is assumed that a guard that wasn’t crooked (in the phone business) likely busted him with it.

There have been reports that Josh Duggar allegedly made no attempts to hide the fact that he had a cell phone and pretty openly used it within his cell in a way that was easy to witness.

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Anna wasn’t his main contact with the phone

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Anna Duggar was reportedly not his main reason for having the cell phone. Josh allegedly found love behind bars and he used the phone to communicate with a transgender inmate that he’s having an affair with. Sources allegedly report that, like the phone, Josh has made no effort to hide or conceal his love affair.

Does it surprise you that Anna Duggar knew Josh had a phone and did nothing about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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