Why Katie Maloney Didn’t Attend Scheana Shay’s Wedding

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Why didn’t Katie Maloney attend Scheana Shay’s wedding in Mexico? Clearly, she had reserved her hotel room far in advance and it was non-refundable. Therefore, that was quite the commitment that the Vanderpump Rules star made to come to the nuptials. So, what made Katie change her mind and decide she was backing out? Read on for more details.

Why Katie Maloney Didn’t Attend Scheana Shay’s Wedding

This has been a rough season for Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay. It all started when Scheana proposed that Raquel Leviss make out with Tom Schwartz. At the time, he and Katie were in the process of getting a divorce so Katie felt extremely betrayed by Scheana. She did not think that it was right that she was meddling. Plus, Scheana did her podcast with Tom Schwartz and discussed the divorce plus kissing Raquel. This was just too much for Katie to take. However, when it came to Scheana’s destination wedding, Katie Maloney was still making the trek.

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She booked a 1K non-refundable room in Mexico when she thought she would be going to the wedding. As to not lose the money, Kate decided to take her close friend, Kristina Kelly along since it was Kelly’s birthday. At the same time, one of Scheana’s bridesmaids could not get a room at the hotel everyone was staying at. This became a problem so Scheana asked Katie to give up her room but she refused. Scheana even offered to pay her the 1K. So, why did she opt out of the wedding in the first place?

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According to Bravo, a lot of clues were in last week’s episode. Scheana had questioned if she wanted Katie Maloney at her wedding since she was being eruptive. However, Katie felt so betrayed that she did not want to go to Mexico and support her former friend. Ultimately, Katie let Scheana know where she stood when she would not give up the room to Jamie the bridesmaid. “I spent $1,000 on a hotel room that I cannot get back. Last time I checked, Mexico’s a really big place,” Katie said on the show.

Mexico Fun-In-The-Sun

Lala Kent did point out that she and Katie Maloney are super close so it would make sense that they would want to be at the same hotel. However, Scheana said she did not want Katie and Kristina watching her get married from their balcony. It is ultimately seen that they have binoculars and are watching the nuptials go down. Yet, Katie Maloney also shared fun-in-the-sun photos of her and Kristina while they luxuriated in Mexico.

Do you think Katie Maloney’s reasoning for not going to the wedding is valid? More so, do you think she had every right to still go to Mexico and enjoy herself? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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