Rob Marciano Breaks Silence, Says ‘Bomb Went Off’

Rob Marciano [Source: YouTube]

Rob Marciano broke his silence amid his banning from ABC Studios. He shared on  Instagram that a “bomb went off.” This was his first social media post since the news of his ABC Studios banning. Keep on reading to learn more.

Banned from ABC Studios

In July 2022, Eryn filed for divorce from Rob Marciano after 11 years of marriage. This has affected his ability to work. ABC reportedly banned him from studios, per Page Six. Almost a week ago, the outlet revealed that he was at the center of allegations of indecent behavior.

Rob Marciano [Source YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Sources wouldn’t go into details about what happened. However, one insider alleged that Rob “made a female colleague feel uncomfortable last year.” The meteorologist went to work cranky and miserable. Rob would react strongly to his colleagues.

“He was found to have done something… that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven’t let him return,” the insider shared.

Rob Marciano Talks Storms [Source: Rob Marciano - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Rob Marciano – Instagram Stories]
It’s the reason why Rob Marciano went missing from the Good Morning America headquarters. He only appears on assignments throughout the country. Rob pops up on ABC World News and GMA to discuss the strong storms devastating the country.

Fans have wanted him to come back on a permanent, full-time basis. It turns out that ABC pulled him off the air for one month. They brought him back but would only allow him to report the weather outside of the studio. He expressed an interest in returning to the studio, but they won’t let him return anytime soon.

Rob Marciano breaks silence on social media

Rob Marciano has kept quiet on Instagram since the allegations. He took to his Instagram Stories to reveal that “a bomb went off.” He shared clips of a Missipppi town that was devasted by a deadly tornado. In the first one, a bulldozer picks up the pieces from a devastated home.

“The scene in Rolling Rock…man and machine searching for survivors,” Rob Marciano wrote in his Instagram Story.

Rob Marciano Shares Tornado Update [Source: Rob Marciano - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Rob Marciano – Instagram Stories]
He shared another clip of another area that was destroyed. Rob said the destruction looked as if “a bomb went off.” This comes after the news that a tornado touched down in Silver City and Rolling Fork. Thousands are without power, 24 people passed away, and many are missing.

Rob Marciano also appeared on GMA this week. He told co-anchor Michael Strahan that “the strongest tornado hit” Los Angeles. What are your thoughts on Rob breaking his silence on social media amid the allegations? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. The people want Rob to come back inside the studio for GMA. He is a very popular weatherman with fans. Hasn’t he done enough penance?

    1. With the absence of Dan Harris and Rob Marciano, I am uncomfortable watching the weekend edition of GMA. It used to be a habit of mine, but they have now lost a viewer. I do enjoy watching Rob on the nightly news and David Muir seems to be supportive of him.

  2. I don’t know what he did, but he didn’t commit murder or anything huge. It seems to me that he should have learned whatever it was that you are trying to teach him. He should be allowed to come back to his original status with nothing else said.

    1. I am so tired of all the BS going on GMA. The woman who is making all the decisions ( is her name Kim,producer or whatever) is definitely hurting the station! Amy and TJ did nothing wrong to do with the show. Consulting adults with GOOD talent! You blew it Chica!!! Now this all comes out about Rob M WTF! Is this a professional move again, to not let him in the studio. All childish behavior from the “ supposed higher ups”! Maybe get rid of the BITCH making these decisions.

  3. I like Rob and miss seeing him in studio. If you “Punished” him, why are you still making him pay. I thought things wet too far with Amy and TJ. and now there is discission on air about a marriage. People live their lives and I things come up. Thank God there is forgiveness; We all fall short.

  4. I want Rob Marciano back on GMA Weekend. The person doing the weather recently is a real turnoff.

  5. I hope Rob gets a position at a competitor station because it seems like somebody at gma/abc has it in for him. If he did something so terrible why didn’t you fire him!?? And whose feelings did he hurt? It will all come out soon. Rob is the best weatherman on tv! And Sam Champion!

  6. I don’t know what he did that was so terrible, but they have punished him enough. Personally, if I was Rob, I would go to another station He was having personal problems, which we all have at sometime and it affected his work. He got punished for it, but it seems like that woman has it in for him and won’t let him come back. Perhaps if he apologizes to whomever was offended, he can come back. That is, if he has already apologized. Doesn’t seem fair to keep on punishing him.

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