Josh Duggar Caught Locking Lips With Inmate?

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In a shocking turn of events, reports are now flying that Josh Duggar has found love behind bars. Despite being a married man with seven children, Josh reportedly found an inmate to be affectionate with behind bars.

Josh Duggar finds love behind bars

Per Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, a source claims Josh Duggar has reportedly found love behind bars with another inmate. The source goes on to claim that one of the reasons Josh obtained a phone behind bars wasn’t just to talk to his wife Anna. He also obtained the phone so he could talk to his lover as they were in a different building.

Josh Duggar allegedly found love with a transgender (male-to-female) inmate. His behind-bars love affair is scheduled for release in 2034. Katie Joy goes on to confirm the source did provide her with the inmate’s ID and photo to confirm they were at the same facility as Josh Duggar.

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar Instagram
Josh Duggar – Anna Duggar Instagram

It is not unheard of for inmates to find love (or simply connect out of loneliness) behind bars. Most inmates, however, opt for keeping love affairs on the down low to avoid any backlash. Katie Joy’s source claims Josh Duggar hasn’t tried to hide his love affair and it has caused issues with other inmates.

Katie Joy’s source also claims there is a photo making rounds of Josh Duggar locking lips with a male visitor he had. There have been some conflicting reports that Josh was photographed kissing his lover behind bars. Katie Joy’s report, however, suggests it was a male that visited Josh that was in the photo when they locked lips. It, however, is unclear who the male was.

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Anna Duggar did know about his phone

Josh is reportedly too broke to have used his wife to pay a guard to get him a phone. So, it is believed that he rented a phone from an inmate. It has been confirmed that Josh did speak to his wife on the phone as well. According to Katie Joy, Josh reportedly told his wife to “keep her mouth shut” about him having a phone as it was an illegal thing for him to have behind bars.

Unsurprisingly, many Duggar fans are horrified to know that Josh had a phone behind bars and that his wife knew about it.

Do you think reports Josh Duggar found love behind bars are true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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