Jim Bob Duggar Gets Caught In A Lie?

TLC - YouTube - Jim Bob Duggar

Did former TLC star and dad of 19 Jim Bob Duggar get caught in a lie? Some fans think it looks that way. An old clip from the Duggar family’s show seems to suggest that he wasn’t always upfront and honest. Scroll down to see what Jim Bob said that has fans questioning his truthfulness.

Jim Bob Duggar isn’t well-liked by fans & critics.

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, you may know that some members of the family are more heavily criticized than others. While of course, some fans do like Jim Bob, there are plenty of others who do not. Many believe he ruined Michelle Duggar’s life. Others have slammed him for the way he raised his kids. Most recently, he was called out as his cheap practices crossed over into questionable territory.

Now, the Duggar patriarch is under fire once again. This time, fans and critics think he’s lying.

TLC - YouTube - Jim Bob Duggar
TLC – YouTube – Jim Bob Duggar

Did the 19 Kids & Counting star get caught in a lie?

On Redditone Duggar snarker shared a screenshot from an old TLC episode. In the clip, Jim Bob Duggar said, “I’ve always left it, whether we have more children, up to her.” In saying this, he meant that it was his wife Michelle Duggar’s choice whether to continue growing their family. As fans know, they ended up having 19 kids.

TLC - Reddit - Jim Bob Duggar
TLC – Reddit – Jim Bob Duggar

This got fans thinking because Jim Bob and Michelle have said in the past that they let God decide how many kids they would have. So, this is pretty contradictory. Several Reddit users called him out for lying about this.

One Duggar snarker sarcastically wrote, “It’s up to Michelle whether or not to trust God’s will and accept all the blessings God will give her, or to choose sin and selfishness and use Satan’s science to close her uterus in defiance of God. Totally up to you babe.”

Someone else pointed out that Michelle sought out fertility treatment in her 40s. If it was truly up to her, this may not have happened.

Of course, this was years ago. So, the truth isn’t totally clear. But fans and critics agree that this doesn’t seem totally truthful.

So, does Jim Bob Duggar’s statement about this being Michelle’s choice surprise you? Do you think he’s typically truthful or not? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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