Tori Roloff Captures Footage Of Lilah’s ‘Psycho’ Meltdown: Video

Tori Roloff - YouTube - Instagram

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff captured footage of her three-year-old daughter Lilah’s “psycho” meltdown and shared the video with her nearly two million Instagram followers. It looks like Tori wasn’t expecting to catch this moment on camera, but after she did, she couldn’t help but share it with her fans. So, why was Lilah having a meltdown? And why did Tori call her daughter a “psycho?”

Scroll down to check out the video and see what’s going on with the little girl.

Tori Roloff shares the good & the bad.

LPBW fans may know that Tori doesn’t shy away from sharing the hard moments of motherhood on social media. She shares the ups and downs that she faces with five-year-old Jackson, three-year-old Lilah, and 10-month-old Josiah. She shares photos and videos of everything from holiday festivities to illnesses.

Fans seem to appreciate her honest look into motherhood. Her latest Instagram Story post is a good example of the content she posts.

Tori Roloff - YouTube
Tori Roloff – YouTube

Lilah Roloff’s ‘psycho’ meltdown is captured on video.

On her Instagram Stories this week, Tori Roloff filmed herself talking as she drove the kids around in the car. She revealed that she had dropped Jackson, 5, off at school. After dropping him off, she chatted about how Jackson runs around the house and plays outside, but at the school drop-off, he moves like a “turtle.” She pointed out that there are usually cars in line behind them, but he has no sense of urgency.

Before she could finish what she was trying to say, her three-year-old daughter Lilah screeched in the backseat. Tori Roloff seemed to be pretty shocked by the noises her little girl was making. After ending that clip, Tori started filming again. This time, Lilah was as happy as ever in the backseat of the car.

Tori asked, “Lilah? Have we recovered? You’re kind of psycho. Sometimes you’re a little cray-cray.”

Then, the mom of three told her daughter not to laugh. Of course, Lilah couldn’t control herself and smiled and giggled.

Before shutting off the video, Tori Roloff mouthed, “Cuckoo” to share how she felt about Lilah’s behavior.

You can watch the video below.

Fortunately, it looks like it all ended well despite Lilah’s little meltdown in the car.

So, what do you think of Tori Roloff’s new video of Lilah? Do you mind that she shares all of the ups and downs in her kids’ lives? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Little People, Big World stars.

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