Mykelti Padron To Surrogate For Christine Brown & David?

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Is Christine Brown of Sister Wives eyeing a “do-over” with her boyfriend, David Woolley? Is Mykelti Padron considering being a surrogate so her mother can have a baby with her new man?

Entertainment Chronicle reported rumors swirling among fans that Mykelti Padron had agreed to be a surrogate for her mother Christine. Reports have also started to pop up on a few YouTube videos claiming the same thing. Where did these bizarre claims come from? Is there any truth to them?

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Mykelti Padron to be surrogate for mother, Christine Brown?

There is a thread on Reddit claiming that Mykelti Padron has agreed to be a surrogate for her mother. The thread explains that Christine Brown “had a dream of a dark-haired boy” and believed that was her spirit child waiting to be born out of her new relationship with David. Unfortunately, Christine and David aren’t as young as they used to be. So, having a child is something they would need to get creative with.

Fortunately, Christine’s daughter Mykelti Padron reportedly agreed to step in and be a surrogate for her mother. The report goes on to claim that Tony Padron is “100 percent supportive” of his wife doing this for her mother.

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Debunked: Where did this report come from?

Reading to the very end of the report, the OP confirms it is a “made-up story.” Likewise, the OP also slapped a title on the thread that reads, “Reddit only posts facts!”

Further down in the comments of the thread, the OP explains that they got the inspiration to spin this story from a previous thread on Reddit. The thread noted how quickly media outlets are to run with stories and information posted on Reddit. So, Sister Wives fans on Reddit were hoping to troll media outlets with this completely made-up storyline.

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Mykelti Padron is not having Christine’s baby

Sadly, for those wanting this reality for Christine and David, there is absolutely no truth to this story. It was made up for the purpose of making rounds on various platforms and trolling gullible fans. Fans assume Christine Brown and David Woolley are just going to enjoy being grandparents instead of trying to create a brand new family together.

Do you think Christine Brown has a desire to have more children? Does she want to have children with David? Would Mykelti actually agree to be a surrogate for her mother? Let us know what you think of this interesting fan-spun story. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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