Can Felons Todd & Julie Chrisley Have Bank Accounts While In Prison?

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Chrisley Knows Best fans wonder how being convicted felons will hinder Todd and Julie Chrisley’s lifestyle when they get out of prison. Will there be things they can’t do anymore?

Todd and Julie Chrisley: Convicted Felon Lifestyles

One Chrisley Knows Best fan recalls a time when people with financial-related felonies were unable to get checking accounts. This fan wondered if that was still a thing or if it would hinder Todd and Julie when they get out of prison.

Another fan chimed in that convicted felons can have bank accounts just like everyone out. However, there are financial institutes that do background checks and may choose not to do business with them because of their criminal history.

Todd Julie - YouTube
Todd Julie – YouTube

Likewise, fans pointed out that having a criminal record could hinder their income to some degree as some networks and production companies may not be willing to work with them now. This actually, however, could also make them more appealing to put on reality TV after they get out of prison.

Moreover, another fan points out that they believe felons aren’t able to work in real estate. So, being a convicted felon would cost Todd Chrisley a job as he’s worked in real estate for a very long time.

They are now ineligible to hold a Real Estate license. Banks and other financial organizations do background checks, so not sure they’d hire a convicted felon. They cannot serve on juries until all parts of their sentences are done. Felons can have a checking account under some circumstances, but that depends on state or bank. Accounts, if granted, are subject to restrictions.

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They Might Lean On Their Children

One fan pointed out that Todd and Julie Chrisley did have a loophole if banking becomes an issue. They would just need to get one of their children to set up the account and be listed on it. For example, the fan notes one workaround would be to utilize Savannah or Chase’s banking account instead of their own.

Naturally, this causes some concern among fans who believe Todd and Julie are guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion because what if they do it again and their children get caught up in it this time?

There, however, are some fans who argue Todd and Julie are both famous and rich. So, being a convicted felon isn’t going to change their lives as much as it would someone who didn’t have access to their means and resources.

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