Ariana Madix Sends BOLD Statement To Raquel Leviss

Ariana Madix Looks Fresh-Faced In Snap [Source: Ariana Madix - Instagram]

Ariana Madix sends a bold statement to Raquel Leviss. She’s reacting to how she really feels about her co-star, who had an affair with her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval. Keep on reading to learn more.

Reacts to Raquel Leviss’ interview

On Wednesday, Raquel Leviss spoke to the paparazzi about the “Scandoval.” She was chatty after hiding out and avoiding the Vanderpump Rules cameras. Some claim she was paid for the candid interview. Ariana Madix shared her thoughts on Raquel’s interview as well.

Dayna Kathan With Ariana Madix [Source: Dayna Kathan - Instagram]
[Source: Dayna Kathan – Instagram]
Interestingly enough, she was spotted outside a nail salon as well. A paparazzo asked Ariana how she felt about Raquel’s tell-all interview. She admitted that she couldn’t be bothered by what Sandoval’s mistress had to say.

“I don’t pay attention to any of that,” Ariana Madix said, per Page Six.

She was in a good mood during the sighting. Ariana wore a pastel pink Something About Her sweatshirt with white joggers and brown slippers. She carried a small white handbag and showed off her newly red-manicured nails.

Ariana pulled her platinum blonde hair up in a top bun. The reality star also rocked a full face of makeup. She continued to look at her phone and looked like she had somewhere important to be. It’s likely that Ariana was having her sit-down interview about the cheating scandal.

Ariana Madix boos & flips off the TV

Ariana Madix shared another reaction to Raquel’s interview. She joined her friends at a bar where they were enjoying a drink. The mood changed when they recognized Raquel talking about her affair with Sandoval. The Pump Rules star booed and flipped off the television when the former pageant queen appeared.

Dayna Kathan shared the reaction to her Instagram Stories. She wrote on the clip, “Any questions?” It was clear they didn’t care what Raquel said about what happened. Ariana Madix had on the yellow hoodie and matching pants sweat that she wore to the Pump Rules Season 10 reunion.

Ariana Madix Gives Thumbs Down [Source: Dayna Kathan - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Dayna Kathan – Instagram Stories]
She gave the thumbs down in the photo as she booed loudly. Others put their hands up in the air, while some stuck out their tongues. In the clip, you could hear them yelling, “f*** you!” at the television. The reaction was strong when a news segment talked about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, which is a hot topic everywhere, even in Los Angeles.

Raquel Leviss’ tell-all interview

Raquel spilled all in her interview prior to the reunion. She spoke with a paparazzo about the affair that shook up the Bravo universe. Raquel said she doesn’t know where her relationship with Sandoval stands. She also doesn’t want to put a “label” on it.

Also, Raquel says she reached out to Ariana Madix, but it wasn’t well-received. People can see why. Raquel and Sandoval ruined a nine-year relationship with their affair. What are your thoughts on Ariana’s bold statement? Sound off below in the comment section.

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