‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ Tina Arnold’s GoFundMe Explained

Tina Arnold- TLC

1000-Lb. Best Friends star Tina Arnold has been working her way to a healthier life. This season, she and her three best girlfriends pushed themselves to the limits to lose weight. She has shared her story on social media and fans have fallen in love with her. However, these same fans are now curious about the multiple GoFundMe accounts she has.

Tina Arnold’s GoFund Me‘s Explained

It didn’t take long for Redditors to find out about Tina’s GoFundMe accounts. They have been poking and prodding around the web and found them. The thread began with a fan sharing the accounts and asking if anyone could explain these. It came out that one of the GoFundMe accounts was when they had a horrible flood in their house. Another one was set up for Jonathan Arnold’s health issues.

Tina Arnold- YouTube
Tina Arnold- YouTube

With these accounts, there has been a lot of backlash coming in for Tina. There were some fans of the show that felt bad for Tina Arnold, but then there are others who can’t stand to see her trying to get money from people.

As the comments kept flowing, there were plenty that praised her and also some that bashed her. One Redditor called her a “grifter.” Another added, “Honey, they’re maga Republicans. Of course, she’s attempting to grift. That’s what they do.” Additionally, her fans think that she has used fake names so that she can raise money for herself and not others.

The Big Achievements Of Tina

With everything that Tina Arnold has gone through since the season began, fans have been very excited to see what is next for her. She recently dropped some career news on everyone. While she has been working on losing weight, which has been tough, she has written a book! Tina shared this with her fans and she began to promote it online.

Of course, her fans had no idea that she was a writer and they were excited to see this about her. It turns out that Tina does have a lot of layers. She continues to shock her fans with everything that she has done in life. As much hate as she gets from the show, she has been praised too.

Even though her GoFundMe accounts are getting a lot of backlash, Tina has maintained her lifestyle and goals in weight loss. Fans will have to keep an eye on these accounts to see if she ever pulls them on the web.

1000-Lb Best Friends- TLC
1000-Lb Best Friends- TLC

What do you think of these GoFundMe accounts? More so, do you think that Tina is using fans for money? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb. Best Friends.

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  1. Tina is not the only grifter. Social media is loaded with them. There is no such thing as responsibility for your own debts anymore as long as you can fake a tear and open a “GoFundMe” account.

  2. I know Tina had the flood but I’m sure she had some sort of insurance. I get angry about Go Fund Me Accounts set up by her. She is paid by the show and gotten to make many wonderful trips that I could never afford. I don’t go anywhere. Can’t afford it…. Maybe she should stay home and save her money.

    1. She is like everyone else with hard times & good times. NO ONE tells another person to donate, it is your choice !!! I have to give her & husband so much credit for helping Megan & her husband. I do feel she has a golden heart.
      Please know she is full of love, are you ?

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