Tom Schwartz Knew All About ‘Scandoval’ Per Jax Taylor

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Jax Taylor confirms that Tom Schwartz knew all about ‘Scandoval’ before the news broke. In fact, he seems to have had insider knowledge for quite some time. So, how exactly did Jax find out these details? Read on for more information.

Tom Schwartz Knew All About ‘Scandoval’ Per Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are best friends and business partners. Immediately, when the news broke that Sandoval had been cheating on Ariana Madix, all eyes went to Schwartz. Tom Sandoval has been having an affair for months with their co-star Raquel Leviss. However, he’s been with Ariana for almost a decade. There is no way that his bestie could not have known about this. VPR alum Kristen Doute even confirmed that Tom Schwartz has known about this for some time. It was predicted he knew for around a month.

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Now, Jax Taylor and his wife, Brittany Cartwright appeared on WWHL to talk about everything Vanderpump. He shared that he is still very close with Tom Schwartz and that they talk every day. Jax went on to claim that Schwartz actually knew about the affair for quite some time. However, he did try to get Tom Sandoval to say something to Ariana sooner rather than later. That ultimately did not happen and Ariana found out after watching Tom and his band perform.

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It was a special event for Tom Sandoval and his band so they all watched the VPR episode along with a special live performance. Sandoval’s phone fell so it was handed to Ariana who then saw inappropriate messages between him and Raquel. She was completely blindsided by this news. At the same time, her best friend, Scheana Shay was on WWHL in NYC with Raquel, thinking things were fine. Then, things quickly went south and within a few days, everyone knew.

Are They In Love?

No one is really clear if Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are in love or if this relationship will last. For most of Season 10, fans have been waiting to see the kiss between Tom Schwartz and Raquel. This occurs in Mexico during Scheana’s wedding. Many have asked if the kiss and Schwartz, in general, were just a decoy for the affair. However, everyone involved has denied this.

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Raquel even claimed that she had a real interest in Tom Schwartz. Additionally, she has no idea where the relationship with Sandoval will go. Jax Taylor chimed in and said that he does not think that they are in love and Brittany agreed. Time will tell.

Do you think that Tom Schwartz should have told Ariana Madix about the affair due to simple human decency? Or does he only know how to be loyal to Tom Sandoval? Let us know your thoughts and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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