‘Storage Wars’ Star Dead At 67

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Sad news for Storage Wars fans as a member of the family has been confirmed dead at the age of 67. Who was it from the show that passed away? Has their official cause of death been confirmed? Keep reading for all the sad details.

Storage Wars star confirmed dead at 67

Sadly, Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda is mourning the death of someone near and dear to him. The A&E personality revealed to TMZ that his father, Gunter Nezhoda passed away this week. As those who are well-versed in episodes of Storage Wars, Rene’s father has been featured on the show. Moreover, fans absolutely adore Rene and his wife Casey. So, they are bummed to learn of his father’s passing at the age of 67.

Rene Nezhoda did go on to tell the media outlet his father’s cause of death. Turns out, his father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Sadly, his lung cancer was determined to be his cause of death. Rene added that his father did pass away in his sleep in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night.

Casey Nezhoda Stuns Followers [Bargain Hunters | YouTube]
[Bargain Hunters | YouTube]
Gunter Nezhoda had not had his lung cancer diagnosis long. Per his son, he received the diagnosis back in September. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy he was receiving caused a bunch of holes in his lungs. As a result, Rene’s father flew to Utah where he would receive emergency surgery. Medical experts, however, decided there was nothing else they could do for him.

Rene Nezhoda did reassure Storage Wars fans that his father Gunter was not alone at the time of his passing. Gunter’s youngest son, Ricky was by his side at the time of his death.

Storage Wars - YouTube
Storage Wars – YouTube

He was on the show several times

Rene’s father Gunter Nezhoda made several appearances on Storage Wars. Over the course of four years, he appeared in seven different episodes. Sadly, TMZ has also been told Gunter did film with his son for the upcoming season of Storage Wars and would appear in at least one episode of Season 14.

Rene Nezhoda - YouTube
Rene Nezhoda – YouTube

Rene’s father dabbled in acting and played bass alongside several different musicians over the years including Kevin Dubrow, George Lynch, Leslie West, Pat Travers, and Michael Schenker.

Thoughts and prayers of Storage Wars fans are with Rene Nezhoda during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Gunter Nezhoda.

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