Raquel Leviss Will Take Accountability At ‘VPR’ Season 10 Reunion

Raquel Leviss [Source: YouTube]

Raquel Leviss says she will take accountability at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion. She spoke with the paparazzi about all that happened in recent weeks. The cast member said she couldn’t share full details. However, she did share how she’s feeling leading up to the reunion special. Keep on reading for the latest details.

Announces VPR Season 10 reunion plans

Raquel Leviss confirmed on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, March 22 that she’s attending the VPR Season 10 reunion. This came amid the rumors that she was hesitant about attending in person. Reports suggested that she was making arrangements with the producers. However, Raquel flew back to Los Angeles from Arizona, where she’s been staying with her family.

Raquel Leviss Breaks Up With James Kennedy [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She’s also been staying there with Tom Sandoval. He broke up with Ariana Madix earlier this month when she learned that he was having an affair with Raquel. Both of them are expected to attend today’s reunion, which will be filmed in the evening. Phones aren’t allowed on-stage to prevent leaks.

Producers aren’t happy with Raquel Leviss. She has already said too much prior to the reunion. On Wednesday, she ran into paparazzi a few times. The first time was when she left LAX and wore a face mask. She didn’t say much at the time.

Raquel Leviss Attending Reunion [Source: Raquel Leviss - Instagram Stories]
[Source: Raquel Leviss – Instagram Stories]
The former pageant queen was in a talkative mood later that day. Raquel spoke to TMZ outside a nail salon, sans face mask, where she talked all about the cheating scandal. She also shared her plans for the reunion. The reality star hopes to reconcile with the cast and apologize to Ariana once again.

Raquel Leviss will take accountability

She also told TMZ’s photographers that she will take full accountability for her actions. Raquel Leviss is aware that many people are upset with her. Her only plan for the reunion is to take full accountability for what happened. She will also share her side of the story.

However, Raquel Leviss couldn’t stop smiling during her tell-all interview. Some wonder if she staged this pre-reunion interview with TMZ. Rumors swirled that she allegedly got “paid” to have this “candid” chat with the paparazzi. Fans have already shared their reaction on social media and they’re not happy.

Allegedly, Bravo producers aren’t happy with Raquel Leviss either. They wanted everyone to stay quiet before they film the reunion so they could prevent leaks from happening. People don’t understand why Raquel would open up like this, especially since she’s been so quiet in the weeks prior.

Not to mention she avoided the cameras during that time. What are your thoughts on Raquel Leviss taking accountability at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion? Do you think it’ll happen? Sound off below in the comment section.

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