Jim Bob Duggar’s Frugal Habits Reach Disgusting New Low

Jim Bob Duggar - Instagram

Former TLC star Jim Bob Duggar is under fire once again as fans and critics feel that his frugal habits have reached a disgusting new low. The father of 19 is known for being stingy with his money. But fans think this takes the cake. What did he do? Keep reading for all of the details.

Jim Bob Duggar’s Motto

If you’re a Duggar fan, you may know that their family’s motto is “buy used and save the difference.” On their TLC shows, fans watched Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar take their kids shopping at thrift stores.

With 19 kids, there are many purchases to make, and buying used was a good strategy. This was likely especially helpful prior to their TLC shows. They wanted to save money however they could. After their shows premiered, the family appeared to be in a much better place financially.

Jim Bob Duggar - Instagram
Jim Bob Duggar – Instagram

Fans Disgusted As His Frugal Habits Reach New Low

On Redditan old TLC clip resurfaced, revealing one of Jim Bob Duggar’s strategies for saving money while raising his 19 kids. When some of the boys’ bunk beds were 15 years old and beginning to break, it was time to purchase another one. Rather than shopping for a new one, however, Jim Bob hit up the thrift store. He ended up buying a used bunk bed and potentially used mattresses to replace the old ones.

In the video, the father of 19 said, “I fell in love with the price, just 75 bucks. We’ve saved a lot of money over the years just buying things used.”

Jim Bob Duggar - YouTube
Jim Bob Duggar – YouTube

He went on to explain that one of the bunk bed’s mattresses was new. But he didn’t state whether the other one was. So, it’s possible that he purchased a used mattress for his sons to sleep on.

After watching this throwback clip, many fans and critics are cringing. Some are admitting that they do shop at thrift stores and will buy specific items. But many draw a line at mattresses. Others are pointing out that the thrift stores in their area won’t even accept mattresses. One fan said, “I volunteer at a thrift shop, we take almost everything – mattresses are one of the very few things we do not take for safety/sanitary reasons.”

Someone else chimed in, “Ew. I am a HUGE fan of second-hand purchases. Mattresses are right up there for me with used underwear. It’s just not happening!”

Reddit users also pointed out that stores like Walmart and Costco sell affordable mattresses. Not to mention, the Duggars were making money from TLC at this point and likely could have purchased new mattresses.

So, what do you think of Jim Bob Duggar buying a used mattress for his kids? Do you agree that this is disgusting and that there are some things he just needs to splurge on new? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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