Jax Taylor Claims Tom Sandoval Cheated From Day 1

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Jax Taylor is back and he is talking about everything Vanderpump Rules. Mostly, he is opening up about Scandoval and the cheating scandal. Since he left back in 2020, it appears that he still has some insight into what goes on with the current cast members. This includes Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss having an affair despite his being in a long-term relationship with Ariana Madix. Now, Jax is opening up about Sandoval’s long cheating history. Read on for more details.

Jax Taylor Claims Tom Sandoval Cheated From Day 1

From the time Vanderpump premiered ten seasons ago, Jax Taylor had no problem doing two things. He would lie incessantly and air his friends’ dirty laundry. Yet, Taylor and Sandoval, who had once been roommates, were best friends along with Tom Schwartz. Despite their ups and downs, they always came back together even after Jax slept with Sandoval’s then-girlfriend Kristen Doute. He seemingly had no remorse for his actions but it brought Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, who joined in Season 2, together. They seemed happier than ever until Kristen brought around a girl that Tom supposedly slept with while they were in Miami.

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He denied it and would not let it impact his relationship with Ariana, who believed her boyfriend. Yet, Jax Taylor maintained that something happened because was right there. Wednesday night, Jax and his wife, Brittany Cartwright appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen. It’s a huge thing that the two of them are still together especially after Taylor cheated on Brittany in Season 6. Admittedly, he has not been perfect but he held nothing back about Tom Sandoval.

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Immediately, he deferred back to Miami girl and how Tom has been unfaithful since the beginning of his time with Ariana. More so, he alluded to the fact that Tom has had multiple infidelities all along. Though fans and cast members were shaken by Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss, it was not the first. Yet, will it be the last? That is unknown but Jax has told his former friend to humble himself.

More To Say

Jax Taylor held nothing back. However, it appeared that his wife, Brittany Cartwright was still taken aback by some of the things that came out of his mouth. Fans on social media asked if she was just there to laugh at what he said. Jax appeared to be much more in the know which would make sense. His character was always up in everyone’s business and they have a new podcast coming out talking life after reality television. For now, he is making his rounds chatting about Scandoval and how he has never been faithful.

Do you believe what Jax Taylor has to say? More so, do you believe that Tom Sandoval wa s wlays unfaithful or is Jax just talking to seem relevant? Let us know your thoughts and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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