Did Scheana Shay’s Bridesmaid Get Her Reserved Room Back?

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Did Scheana Shay’s bridesmaid, Jamie ultimately get to stay with the bridal party in Mexico? This was a big issue in the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. It got so bad that tensions ran high and Scheana was willing to pay any price to get this room back. So, what happened in the long run? Details here.

Did Scheana Shay’s Bridesmaid Stay With The Bridal Party In Mexico?

Scheana Shay is getting ready to wed in Mexico in an upcoming episode. She is organizing everything but now she is stressed. One of her bridesmaids, Jamie called and the hotel is sold out. It is imperative that they all stay together so as to not pay extra fees. As it turns out, one of the hotel rooms had been booked by Katie Maloney when she was on good terms with Scheana. Now, she is not attending the wedding but is still going to Mexico because the room is non-refundable and costs a grand.

Katie Maloney/Credit: YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Katie is taking Kristina Kelly with her and they will just have a vacation in Mexico together. Scheana Shay is desperate for this room so she has offered to pay Katie for the room. More so, she finally said she would pay whatever she wanted to that Jamie could stay with them. Katie declined but what happened with Jamie? According to @socialitegossip, Jamie explained the whole situation. Apparently, she had booked her room in early April.

Scheana Shay/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
However, the hotel accidentally canceled it right before the nuptials. Therefore, she tried to get it back right away but to no avail. She acknowledged the situation between Scheana Shay and Katie and what Shay tried to do to pay Katie off. To Jamie, it seemed fair since Katie was no longer a guest at the wedding. Fortunately, within a few days, by some miracle, more rooms were released and Jamie was able to rebook hers. This must have had something to do with Scheana and the bride fit she said that she would throw.

Should Katie Have Given Up The Room?

This was a tricky situation as Katie Maloney had every right to go on her vacation. She booked and paid for her room and came up with an alternate way to enjoy Mexico. Scheana Shay did what she thought was best by offering her co-star the money for the room so she could stay elsewhere or stay home. It seems that Katie was still bitter over Scheana trying to set her soon-to-be ex-husband us with Raquel Leviss. Therefore, she was not going to acquiesce to Scheana in any capacity. At least the situation was ultimately resolved.

Do you think that Katie should have given up her room to Jamie? Or was Scheana being a diva demanding things from Katie? Let us know your thoughts and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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