Whitney Way Thore Highlights Weight Loss In Olive Green Dress

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has lost a shocking amount of weight and she proudly put her slimmer curvaceous frame on display via Instagram last night. The TLC personality shared a collection of photos of herself with her father, Glenn Thore.

While fans were understandably all over the place with their reactions to the photos, one photo in particular really called out to fans. In this photo, it was apparent that Whitney has been working hard on her weight loss journey as of late. And, she was really highlighting her curvaceous frame in this olive green dress!

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MBFFL: Whitney Way Thore Highlights weight loss

In the first photo, which she attached to her Instagram post without a caption, Whitney Way Thore stood beside her father who was sitting in a chair at a table. She wore a stunning olive green dress with tank top style sleeves. Whitney had one of her hands placed just below the fold of her back while the fingers on her other hand playfully danced near her shoulder.

Now, there were some MBFFL fans who questioned if Whitney had really lost that much weight or if it was just the way she had twisted her body toward the camera and put her hand in the fold of her back. Fans, however, agreed those thoughts were put to bed by the final photo which revealed Whitney had also lost a noticeable amount of weight in her face as well.

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

Fans praised Whitney for her weight loss

In the comments, many fans worried that perhaps she wasn’t eating very well because she was still mourning the loss of her mother. Others, however, thought it was great that in honor of her mother, she didn’t let her death drive her to find comfort in food. Instead, Whitney seems to have continued to focus on dieting and losing weight. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of her post:

  • “You lost weight you look amazing”
  • “Not that it matters, but you look thinner and so radiant given the circumstances…”
  • “she lost so much weight” 

All of the comments calling attention to her weight loss included responses from other fans agreeing it did look like she had slimmed down since the last time they saw a full-body photo.

Overall, there was nothing but love in the comment section of her Instagram post.

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