Robert Garrison Brown Shares Magical Snowcapped Mountains

Robert Garrison Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Robert “Garrison” Brown hasn’t had much to do with Sister Wives since reaching adulthood. But even so, viewers are interested in keeping up with the TLC personality.

Although spring is officially here, it’s still snowing in parts of the country — including Flagstaff, Arizona where many members of the Brown family live.

Some Flagstaff residents may be sick of the winter weather, Garrison Brown took the chance to snap a stunning photograph. Keep reading to see it!

Garrison Brown is really into nature photography these days

Now that Garrison Brown is an adult, he has a life of his own. Like many of his adult siblings, he no longer seems interested in making frequent appearances on Sister Wives.

Garrison Brown from Sister Wives, Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

But that doesn’t mean he’s gone very far. The TLC personality has clearly fallen head over heels in love with the Flagstaff scenery. Fans that follow Garrison on Instagram can frequently see him hanging out in nature. Whether it’s camping or photography, he seems most happy when he’s out exploring the wilderness.

In fact, he recently uploaded some beautiful photos of a local mountain.

“Snowscape tryout with 600mm” Garrison captioned his nature-themed Instagram photos. In the comments, he revealed that it’s a photo of Mt. Humphreys. However, he likely means Humphreys Peak, which is in Flagstaff, Arizona which isn’t the same as Mt. Humphreys.

Garrison Brown from Sister Wives, Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

My beautiful mountain ❤️. But if it can stop snowing in town that would be 👌🏻” one of Garrison’s followers wrote in the comments. 

Beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing this,” another added. 

Most agreed that Garrison Brown is becoming quite skilled with his camera!

What do you think about the TLC star’s nature shots? Share what you think in the comments.

Meanwhile, Janelle Brown is absolutely thriving as she explores the single life

Sister Wives fans love checking up with the kids now and then. But they also are really curious about the wives these days. Garrison’s mother Janelle shocked fans when she announced in the tell-all that she and Kody had officially separated. As of the spring of 2023, it doesn’t seem that the two have any plans to reconcile.

And fans can’t help but notice that Janelle is really thriving these days. Fans that follow her on social media have noticed that she’s lost a significant amount of weight and looks happier than she has been in years.

Christine Brown has found love with someone after ditching Kody. Will Janelle follow in her footsteps anytime soon? Sister Wives fans agree that it’s hard to say with Janelle. She certainly might want to look for love again, but viewers also now that she will be just fine on her own without a man.

Stay tuned for updates on the Brown family and more Sister Wives news.

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