Lydia Plath Breaks Silence On Relationship With Kim After DUI

Lydia Plath - YouTube - Kim Plath - Mugshot

Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Plath is breaking her silence on her relationship with her mother Kim after her DUI. Most of the Plath family has kept quiet about Kim’s DUI and arrest, but for some reason, Lydia is ready to talk about where she stands with her mom now. So, what’s going on between the mother and daughter? Are they close? Keep reading for all of the details.

Kim Plath’s DUI

Fans learned that Kim was arrested for driving under the influence last summer. Her car had reportedly ended up in a ditch in Florida, but she was not seriously injured and no other cars were involved. She later turned herself into the police but was bailed out of jail shortly after. Now, she’s facing consequences, including a fine and community service. This whole situation took some fans by surprise due to Kim’s adamant anti-alcohol stance on Welcome to Plathville. But it looks like she changed her mind following her divorce from Barry Plath.

Since the incident, the Plath family hasn’t really said much about it on social media. None of the kids have shared an update on their mom or talked about where they stand with her.

Lydia Plath - Kim Plath - YouTube
Lydia Plath – Kim Plath – YouTube

Now, Lydia Plath is breaking her silence and sharing about where she stands with her mom.

Where Lydia Plath Stands With Kim

This week, Lydia shared a Q&A video on YouTube and addressed a few topics, including her sister Hosanna’s absence from the show and her relationship with her mom Kim. In the video, Lydia acknowledged that many fans have asked about her mom.

Lydia explained, “She is doing really good. She sees the girls often. I get to see her now and then when our schedules align. [I] really need to meet up with her soon because I just might be leaving town for while.”

She continued, “But I just really want to let you guys know, that she is doing really good. And the girls spend time with her, time here. And I get to see her when our schedules align.”

While Lydia Plath certainly didn’t spill too many details, this response is enough to show fans that things are going well for her mom after her DUI. Hopefully, things continue to improve moving forward so Kim can keep herself and others safe. Maybe fans will get another update about her soon.

So, does it surprise you that Lydia Plath opened up about her mom, Kim? Are you relieved to hear that Kim still sees her family? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Welcome to Plathville family.

Lydia Plath’s new Q&A video can be found below

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