What Did Tom Bergeron Have To Say About Tyra Banks’ Exit?

Tom Bergeron and Tyra Banks from YouTube

When Tyra Banks broke the news she was quitting DWTS this week, many fans had questions.

What would this mean for the future of the show? Who would take her spot?

For many, the natural answer seemed obvious — Tom Bergeron should get his old job back. However, it seemed like that just wasn’t meant to be. The DWTS executive team announced that former pro Julianne Hough would replace Tyra Banks instead.

Many viewers are relieved that Tyra Banks will no longer be part of the show moving forward. They may feel disappointed that Tom Bergeron won’t return, but feel that Julianne Hough will do an excellent job.

But what exactly did Tom Bergeron have to say when he heard the news?

Tom Bergeron slyly implies he’s still over Dancing With The Stars

By and large, Tom Bergeron has remained a class act since Dancing With The Stars announced they were firing him. He does occasionally speak about the show, but has maintained that he has no interest in returning.

However, that doesn’t stop fans from asking anyway.

Tom Bergeron and friends from Instagram
Tom Bergeron/Instagram

On St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the former DWTS host shared on Instagram that he was celebrating the holiday with a nice beer.

“Celebrating anything in particular besides St Patrick’s Day? Karma struck again!” one fan wrote, clearly hinting at Tyra Banks’ departure. “We have all been jumping for joy and hoping, that with the luck o’ the Irish, we will have the #BestHostEver back over-seeing his realm where he belongs! #FootstepsWithTheFamous!”

Tom Bergeron took the high road and chose to keep his response honest and classy.

“Thanks! It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the show. Disney+ was hemorrhaging $$ under Chapek & the returning Bob Iger has pledged to cut costs,” he replied to the comment. “Add to that viewing #s for DWTS were never released (unlike, say, for The Mandalorian) which also doesn’t necessarily bode well. I wish them well, tho 💃🏼🕺🏻🪩”

Tom Bergeron and friends from Instagram
Tom Bergeron/Instagram

Ultimately, the former host didn’t have a whole lot to say about the situation publicly. But behind closed doors, he’s probably at least a little joyful.

Do you wish that Tom Bergeron would come back to DWTS? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The former host has a great relationship with former cast members

Anytime DWTS makes any major changes, fans often look to Tom Bergeron to see what he will say.

Last summer, he applauded the show for hiring Alfonso Ribeiro as cohost. The former Fresh Prince actor said he even reached out to Tom and they had a great heart-to-heart about the job.

“We have talked. I wouldn’t say that he gave advice because [it would be] essentially the same advice he offered me when I was doing American’s Funniest Videos, which was ‘Be you,’” Alfonso Ribeiro told Us Weekly at the time. “We have enough respect for each other that I wanted to talk to him as a friend. I wanted to let him know how it went down [with] all the love and respect that I have for Tom.”

Check back soon for more news and updates on the cast of DWTS and Tom Bergeron.

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