‘Survivor’ Could Sandra’s Daughter Be The New Mini-Her?

sandra and nina twine australian survivor
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Sandra Diaz-Twine may be the most legendary Survivor player of all time. The first and one of the only two-time winners in the history of the game is not a title to take lightly. If you’re a veteran viewer who wants to feel old then just know that Sandra’s wins are now far enough in the past that her 25-year-old daughter is now joining the game to play alongside her mother. The question is, does Sandra’s knack for the game of deception and strategy run in the family?

The Queen’s Daughter

Sandra’s daughter, Nina Twine, has yet to compete in an American season of Survivor. However, there are so many worldwide versions of Survivor that it could make any fan’s head spin. Nina made her TV debut alongside her mother in one of these international versions, Australian Survivor: Blood vs. Water. That was a year ago and, while Nina showed a lot of promise in her first season, she was sadly removed due to an injury. That is not the end of Nina Twine’s Survivor career, though.

sandra and nina twine survivor
Sandra and Nina Twine of ‘Survivor’ and ‘Australian Survivor’ fame

Nina came back for redemption on the most recent season of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She finally got to show off her true potential in this season. Plus, it seems evident that the strategy runs deep in the genes. Nina has a strong social and strategic presence akin to her mother’s. More so, she navigates the dissolution of her majority alliance with expertise and survives all of her allies’ eliminations. She also manages to accomplish a feat that her mother never could, winning individual immunity.

australian survivor heroes vs villains
The promotional logo for ‘Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’

Sadly, though, Nina doesn’t manage to take home the Sole Survivor title. It’s taken away from her at the final 6 due to a majority alliance that just won’t budge. She has definitely proven her chops as a great player, though. Hopefully, she gets the chance to prove that on an American season of the game sometime in the future.

Australian Survivor

Many Survivor fans consider Australian Survivor a lifeline for those that miss the old-school feel of the American game. The Australian version has more days, more players, and brutal challenges that push players to their limits. This most recent season isn’t over but is already being called one of the best seasons of the show period. There’s some intense strategic gameplay going on, and it’s more than a little exciting to watch. A handful of American Survivor players have crossed over into the Australian counterpart. Hopefully, some of the great Australian players get a chance to play in an American game as well.

Australian Survivor: Blood vs. Water as of right now is not available for legal streaming in the US. It will hopefully come to Paramount Plus at some point in the future. Would you watch it if it did? Let us know in the comments.

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