‘Pump Rules’: Ariana Madix Gets Naked With Buff Guy In Pool

Ariana Madix [Source: YouTube]

Ariana Madix got naked with a buff guy in the swimming pool. Fans can’t stop buzzing about the Vanderpump Rules midseason trailer. Some of the moments focused more on Ariana’s split from Tom Sandoval and his affair with their co-star Raquel Leviss.

Fans can’t stop playing the trailer. They wish the remainder of these episodes would air on Bravo now. Viewers also dissected some of the scenes, including the one of Sandoval kissing Ariana under the sheets. There’s also another scene of Ariana skinnydipping with a mystery man in the swimming pool.

Ariana Madix [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Rumors about an open relationship

On this season of Pump Rules Season 10, fans will learn more about Ariana Madix’s relationship with Tom Sandoval. Scheana Shay confronts him about the open relationship rumors and he rubs his head. Ariana vehemently denied the claims on social media.

Yet, there’s something about the infamous pool party that has fans talking. They noticed that Sandoval and Ariana go for a swim with Raquel. In some of the scenes in the midseason trailer, Sandoval smiles over at Raquel. They’re also swimming dangerously close to one another.

Ariana Madix Gets Naked With Mystery Man [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
In another scene, Ariana Madix covers the girls as she goes for a skinny dip in the pool. She also splashes around with a buff man who’s also naked. At one point, he comes up to her and hugs her from behind. He also covers up her breasts.

She looks carefree and happy in that scene. Fans have been wondering who the mystery man is and if this is after her split from Sandoval. Others wonder if the two are swinging with other people in the pool. That naked man spoke out ever since the midseason trailer dropped on Monday, March 20. He addressed one of the questions that fans asked.

Ariana Madix’s friend speaks out

It turns out that the naked buff man is Ariana Madix’s best friend Brett Kenyon. He took to his TikTok to confirm his identity. Brett denied the romantic claims since he’s gay. He shared a simple message in his short video and supported his friend.

“It’s me, hi, I am the one naked in the pool with Ariana and I am gay, so glad we could clear that up,” Brett cleverly said on TikTok on Monday. “Make sure you guys support my friend’s show on Wednesdays on Bravo called Vanderpump Rules if you’ve never heard of it and have been living under a rock for the past five years.”


#stitch with @stephwithdadeets yes, it’s me skinny dipping & yes i’m 💅🏻🏳️‍🌈 #vanderpumprules #teamariana #vanderpumprulesseason10 #pumprules #pumprulesbravo #arianamadix #scandoval

♬ original sound – Brett Kenyon

Brett also took to the comment section to say he’s willing to “play straight if anyone wants to cast me on a scripted series.” Ariana Madix also made the romance rumors swirl when she went to her friend’s wedding in Mexico. TMZ previously shared photos of her hugging another mystery man, who also turned out to be just a friend. She’s single and living it up right now.


woke up to quite the full inbox this morning #teamariana #vanderpumprules #scandoval #bravotv #arianamadix #pumprules

♬ original sound – Brett Kenyon

What are your thoughts on Ariana Madix getting naked with a buff guy in the pool? Do you think people should leave her alone? Sound off below in the comment section.

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