Julie Chrisley Now Strip-Searched After Every Visitation?

Julie Chrisley - YouTube

Julie Chrisley is now reportedly getting strip searched after every visitation. Did Todd Chrisley’s wife (or someone in their family) do something to merit this extra precaution being taken after she gets a visit from a loved one? Or, is this new policy the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky has put in place? Keep reading for the surprising details.

Julie Chrisley strip-searched after every visitation?

Chrisley Knows Best fans have been coming forward with tidbits of information about Julie and Todd Chrisley’s time behind bars thanks to their loved ones who are also locked up at the same facility. One fan recently learned from a loved one behind bars that they are now being strip-searched after every visit.

The Chrisley Knows Best fan explained that they had a friend visiting one of their children who happens to also be locked up at Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. Their friend’s child revealed there was a new guard that used to be posted “behind the wire.” This fan proceeded to explain “behind the wire” was a much more strict area within the same prison. So, the guard is used to running a tighter ship. As such, thanks to the new guard, inmates are now strip-searched after every visitation.

The fan noted that Julie “must love” the new change in policy. Moreover, they admitted they could only imagine what Julie’s daughter Savannah will have to say about the change in policy.

Julie Chrisley - YouTube
Julie Chrisley – YouTube

Savannah Chrisley has been VERY vocal

As Chrisley Knows Best fans are aware, Savannah has been VERY vocal with her thoughts on how FMC Lexington has been treating her mother. A while back, Savannah was extremely vocal about the facility treating her mother worse than dogs as it didn’t have air or heat. A statement was later issued indirectly in response to Savannah noting that all federal prisons had air and heat with the temperatures outside called for them to do so.

Fans have been more than a little frustrated with Savannah’s complaints as they argue her mother is in prison not in a spa.

Julie & Savannah Chrisley Have Whole Lotta Spandex Going On [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
Are you shocked to learn Julie Chrisley is reportedly getting strip searched after every visitation from a friend or family member? How do you think Julie and her family feel about this alleged change to the policy? Keep coming back to Tv Shows Ace for all Chrisley news, rumors, and gossip.

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  1. I think if Julie hasn’t done nothing for all this strip searching then it sounds like the guards are getting there pleasure at looking at these ppl body which is sick

    1. You right power trip and sick entertainment to cause more anxiety. Julie has enough without it being added to.

  2. My son, was in the men’s prison a few years ago…right next to where she’s at….and when you visited them…they were searched before going back in …So this is nothing new…why is some people always trying to make something out of nothing..

    1. I know that it’s common for ALL inmates to be searched after visitors leave. They are looking for anything that can be smuggled back in. Chrisley is no different

  3. I’m so pleased I don’t live in the USA .Your prisons are disgrace,and Julie needs to be at home with her Children

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