‘Below Deck:’ Chef Rachel Hargrove Loses Mind, Nearly Quits

Chef Rachel Hargrove Confessional [Source: YouTube]

Chef Rachel Hargrove nearly lost her mind and quits on the spot. On Monday’s episode of Below Deck, she loses her cool in the galley. Up to this point, Rachel dealt with many challenges when it came to demanding charter guests. Yet, she kept her cool. Thankfully, the charter season was coming to an end.

Rachel couldn’t quit yet. She realized that she didn’t like working in the yachting industry anymore. Viewers were confused as she flipped a switch in the latest episode. She didn’t explain why she was so irritated. Keep on reading to learn more and for new details.

Chef Rachel Hargrove [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Stressful end to Below Deck Season 10

On Monday’s season finale of Below Deck Season 10, Chef Rachel Hargrove wasn’t feeling it anymore. She cussed and griped about her job to herself as she cooked. The upcoming episode saw the finale primary charter guests Keith and Jolynn Hoogstad, who are joined by their fellow bodybuilding friends.

They have some special diet preferences. Chef Rachel Hargrove nearly loses it and quits on the spot. Last week, Bravo teased a preview of her reaction to guests who exclaim that the chicken wings are “extra dry.” Rachel admitted in her confessional that she’s no longer passionate about cooking.

Rachel Hargrove Looks Down In Confessional [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“My job sucks now at this point,” Chef Rachel Hargrove says. “I get tired and fed up.”

Fans recall seasons ago when she infamously said “eat my c**ter.” They were hoping that she wasn’t planning to quit on the crew again. Rachel admitted that she’s “really tired of the whole hoopla.”

In another scene, she nearly breaks her spatula as she hits it against something in the galley. Then, she let out a scream. Fans could tell that she was over yachting by this point. At the end of the episode, she shared that she’s going back to working on land because she’s too old for this industry.

Rachel Hargrove quits Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach isn’t the only one who’s leaving Bravo. Chef Rachel Hargrove says she has no plans on appearing on any of Bravo’s shows. She doesn’t support the network. After she filmed Season 10 of Below Deck, Rachel took to Twitter to announce: “I will no longer be associated with organizations I don’t believe in… #belowdeck #bravoco #wwhl #ANTM anyone else wants to p*ss me off this week? Let’s f***ing go…”

On February 2, 2023, Rachel wrote: “I’m a BIG fan of Jim Hensons Muppets! And I have always wanted to see The Muppets on Broadway… but now I will just have to settle for The Muppets on Bravo.”

What are your thoughts on Rachel Hargrove losing her mind and nearly quitting her job on the Below Deck Season 10 season finale? Do you think she’s better off without Bravo? What do you think she should do instead? Sound off below in the comment section.

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