Avalon Padron Puts Infant Twin Brothers In Dangerous Situation

Avalon Padron - Instagram

Mykelti Padron, from Sister Wives‘, daughter, Avalon Padron loves caring for her twin brothers. She has started to really take on the big sister role. In fact, recently, she wanted to show her mom that she could help more around the house. However, when fans saw Avalon trying to help, they were shocked at the dangerous situation. Here’s what happened.

Avalon Padron Plays Babysitter

In one of Myketi’s newest Instagram posts, she wanted to share with her fans how adorable Avalon Padron was with her baby brothers. She shared a video of Avalon pushing them all over the house in a stroller. Mykelti captioned the video, “She’s already trying to babysit. She never will, they’re too close in age. But it’s pretty adorable.” Of course, this video was extremely cute, but Mykelti’s fans couldn’t help but notice how dangerous this situation seemed to them. They filled up the comments with their opinions on what was happening.


Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

Along with all of the “this is adorable” and “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” comments, there was actually a lot of hate thrown Avalon’s way. However, one fan wrote to Mykelti, “Please realize how easily she could flip that or bump into things.  I get not making a big deal over some things, but common sense really must apply ..her fun isn’t worth an injury to an infant.” An additional fan wrote, “I don’t agree with this. She is too young to be doing this. She may think it’s ok and pick the baby up when you’re not looking to put him in the stroller. Not safe.” Mykelti got a lot of backlash, but she also got a lot of love for her adorable children.

The Fun At The Padron’s House

The Padrons have a lot of fun at their house. In fact, they often share photos and videos of the kids enjoying life. Avalon Padron has become such a great big sister and the light in their lives. In a recent post, Avalon was so excited about one of her new toys. She got a bright green scooter toy to ride inside the house and it turns out that Mykelti liked it a lot too! Avalon thought it was so funny that her mom got on it and decided that she would push her around the house. Of course, they ended up trading places and Avalon had a great time riding around.

Mykelti Padron- Instagram
Mykelti Padron- Instagram

Mykelti loves to share videos of her kids and even though some fans thought her last one was dangerous, Avalon had a great time helping her mom with her baby brothers. She has stepped up into this role and Mykelti’s fans are here to watch it all.

What did you think of Mykelti’s video? Was it safe for Avalon to push her baby brothers in her stroller? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives. 

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  1. I think other moms should learn to shut the heck up when they don’t know the full context or even IF those kids were ever left alone. Anyone notice that when bullying became extremely politically incorrect there was a rise in mom shamers and cancel culture? The bullies and mean girls never went away. They just put on new masks that are currently socially acceptable.

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